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Notes for Harrah’s

  • If a player is wheelchair accessible then they will help them up into the seat of any table game they wanted.
Game# of DecksMin BetMax BetH/S 17DADASRSASUR# of TablesOddsSide BetSide BetSide BetNotes
Blackjack2$25$2,000HYesYesNoNo13 to 2EZ BustKing’s Bounty
Blackjack2$25$3,000HYesYesNoNo13 to 2EZ BustKing’s Bounty
Blackjack8$15$3,000HYesYesNoNo13 to 2EZ BustKing’s Bounty
Blackjack8$10$1,000HYesYesNoNo46 to 5EZ BustKing’s BountyBlazing 7’s ($51,730)
Blackjack8$15$2,000HYesYesNoNo16 to 5EZ BustKing’s BountyBlazing 7’s ($51,730)
Blackjack8$10$1,000HYesYesNoNo16 to 5War BlackjackNo Even Money
Free Bet Blackjack8$15$1,000HYesYesNoNo16 to 5Pot of GoldPush 22
Blackjack8$10$1,000HYesYesNoNo86 to 5EZ BustKing’s BountyNo Even Money
Blackjack8HYesYesNoNo33 to 2EZ BustKing’s Bounty
Free Bet Blackjack8$15$1,000HYesYesNoNo16 to 5Pot of GoldPush 22
High Limit2$100$5,000HYesNoNoYes23 to 2
High Limit6$100$3,000SYesYesNoYes13 to 2
High Limit6$100$10,000SYesYesNoYes13 to 2
GameMin BetMax for Even Money BetsMax for 2 to 1 BetsMax for Inside Bets# of Tables# of ZerosSide BetNotes
GameMin BetMax Bet# of TablesOddsField 12Side BetSide BetSide BetSide BetSide BetNotes
Craps$15$5,00013x4x5xDoubleAll Tall And SmallMake Em AllBonus Crap BetsHop BetsBig 6 And 8
Craps$15$5,00013x4x5xDoubleFire BetHop BetsBig 6 And 8
Craps23x4x5xDoubleAll Tall And SmallMake Em AllBonus Crap BetsHop BetsBig 6 And 8
Craps23x4x5xDoubleFire BetHop BetsBig 6 And 8
Crapless Craps$10$5,00013x4x5xDouble
GameMin BetMax Bet# of TablesSide BetSide BetPRGSVNotes
High Card Flush$5$2002$46,503
DJ Wild$5$1003
3 Card Poker Progressive$5$30036 Card Bonus$189,317
Let-It-Ride Progressive$5$30023 Card Bonus$189,317
Big 6$1$1001
Vegas 3 Poker$5$2001
Ultimate Texas Hold Em Progressive$5$3001
Ultimate Texas Hold Em Progressive$5$2002
Mississippi Stud$5$10023 Card Bonus$189,561
Crazy 4 Poker$5$1002$189,561
Face Up Pai-Gow Poker Progressive$10$5,0002Fortune BonusAces HIgh$1,355,525
Fortune Pai-Gow Poker Progressive$15$5,0001Fortune Bonus$1,355,525
Pai-Gow Tiles$25$5,0001Pair’s Fortune
Mini-Baccarat$25$5,0001Fortune 7Golden 8Heavenly 9- Blazing 7’s- Dragon Bonus
Let-It-Ride$5$10013 Card Bonus$189,232
Let-It-Ride$5$30013 Card Bonus$190,501
3 Card Poker$5$30046 Card Bonus$189,232
3 Card Poker$10$30016 Card Bonus$189,232
Mississippi Stud Progressive$5$10013 Card Bonus$189,232
Midi-Baccarat1Fortune 7Golden 8Heavenly 9- Blazing 7’s- Dragon Bonus
Face Up Pai-Gow Poker Progressive1Fortune BonusAce High$1,355,525
Fortune Pai-Gow Poker Progressive2Fortune Bonus$1,355,525
High Limit – 5 Treasures Midi-Baccarat$100$15,0001Fortune 7Golden 8Heavenly 9- Blazing 7’s- Dragon Bonus
Poker Tables8
GameIs there an electronic version?

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