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London In General

Notes for London In General
Date Notes
2007-2009 Low End London Casino - Trainee Dealers make an average of £17,000/year plus tips; which tips are around £2,000/month.
2007-2009 High End London Casino - Dealers make between £24,000 - £28,000/year plus tips.
2007-2009 Outside of London - Trainee Dealers make an average of £12,000/year plus tips & high end dealers make an average of £18,000/year plus tips.
2007-2009 Tips are after tax, whereas salary is not after tax.

Wales In General

Notes for Wales In General
Date Notes
2017 In Cardiff, Wales, the dealer's tips average around £65 to £85 per month. These tips are worth 5% of the dealer's total monthly salary.

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