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5 Tips & Tricks for Improving your Floor Supervisor Skills feat. Bennie Mancino


Learn five tips and tricks for improving your floor supervisor skills from the VP of Table Games at Hard Rock.


Pinching, Pressing, and Past Posting


Learn about past posting, pinching, and pressing - cheating maneuvers that dealers need to look out for.


What to Know When Visiting a Casino for the First Time


Learn what information is good to know when visiting a casino for the first time with this Sponsored segment.


Recognizing the Various Online Roulette Variations


Roulette stays a staple of online casinos and learning it’s background can enhance your experience with this classic.


Top 5 Tricks for Dealing a Better Texas Hold’Em Game


Marc Shumsker at joins us to share the Top 5 Tricks for Dealing a Better Texas Hold'Em poker game.

dealers Poker

Top 5 Things that are Illegal in a Casino


Special guest Michael Shackleford joins Vegas Aces to discuss the top 5 things that are illegal in a Las Vegas casino.


3 Tactics Cheaters Use To Steal


Learn about the three tactics cheaters use to steal both in a casino and outside of a casino.

dealers cheating

The Number of Megaways Games Blasts Towards 400


Megaways Games is closing in on 400 available games!


Should I Buy Bets or Place Bets?


Learn which is better: buying versus placing certain numbers on craps.

players Craps

Skill vs. Luck


Learn what it takes to have skill and how that compares to luck.

in depth analysis

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