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Top 3 Mistakes Table Game Inventors Make With Michael Shackleford


Today we are talking about the top 3 mistakes table game inventors make when inventing their game with our special guest, Michael Shackleford (The Wizard of ...

table game inventors

Beginners Guide to Inventing a New Table Game


Want to invent a casino table game? Learn how step-by-step and know what to expect throughout the process.

table game inventors

5 Tips for Table Game Inventors ft. Dan Sahl


Dan Sahl from UNLV IGI will be joining us to discuss 5 important tips for new table game inventors.

table game inventors

5 Horribly Worded Poker Rules that Confuse Everyone


5 Horribly Worded Poker Rules that Confuse Everyone featuring Marc Shumsker with True Poker

dealers players

Best Shuffle Ever!


Learn the best shuffle ever! It's easy-to-use, fast and great for game security, all thanks to Bill Zender.


Are you Having Trouble Shuffling the Deck?


Are you having trouble shuffling the deck? Let's troubleshoot this problem together and discover the solution for shuffling the deck.


How to Play Wild 5 Poker


Playing Wild 5 Poker: Learn how to bet, discarding your card and what is needed in order to win your wager.

players Poker

Shuffling with Large Hands


Learn how to make shuffling easier when you have large hands.


Breaking In


Find out how you become a break-in dealer, find break-in houses, and get your start in the casino industry.


How to Use the Blackjack Peeker


How to use the blackjack peeker as a dealer when checking your cards for a blackjack.

dealers Blackjack

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