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Protect Your Game from this Roulette Scam


Learn how to protect your game from this classic roulette scam, the Savannah. If you're interested in learning more about this scam, read American Roulette b...


When Skill Turns Into Cheating


What are the differences between skill and cheating when playing casino games? Learn how to tell when skills turn from an advantage into full-blown cheating.

in depth analysis

The Biggest Difference between Table Games and Poker is Customer Service


As a dealer, you should know that the biggest difference between table games and poker is the customer service.

dealers interviews Poker

3 Things to Avoid When Cutting the Deck


Three mistakes to watch out for when cutting the deck as a professional casino dealer.

dealers Blackjack

5 Tips and Tricks to Being a Better Floor Supervisor


5 tips and tricks that will help you advance to the next level in your career as a casino floor supervisor.

supervisors interviews

Craps Drills


Learn these craps drills which will help you learn how to deal craps while at home. This includes pressing bets, keys for the prop bets and across bets.

dealers interviews Craps

Aussie Play Casino Review


Aussie Play Casino offers bonuses and over 175 games to play online. No banking fees. Accepts EUR, USD, AUD, and BTC.

reviews online gaming

Interview with a Professional Card Counter & AP


On this livestream Heather interviews a professional card counter and advantage player as we discuss what count a professional counter uses, how fast they ca...

players interviews card counting

Best Casinos to Work at in Atlantic City


Based on Zippia reviews, we discuss the top three ranked casinos in Atlantic City that employees really enjoy working for.


What You Need to Know About UK Casinos


Learn everything you need to know about United Kingdom casinos! This includes gaming regulations, legal gambling age, club memberships and more!


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