How to Deal Let-It-Ride

Part 3: A Vegas Aces Guide

Game Security

Game security should always be at the forefront of your mind when dealing. This means being alert to The player is stealing chips from the table

irregular play, watching the players hands for any unusual movement, listening to what the players are saying, being aware of the betting amounts on 1st and 3rd base, keeping your eyes on the layout and generally, just being aware of what’s going on around you. Make sure you complete all transactions before going on your break. Plus, you’ll also want to continuously check the cards throughout the course of the game making sure they’re not marked or altered in any way. If you notice anything suspicious, call over your floorman.

Changing the Deck

Dealers will also need to know their house procedure when it comes to changing the deck. Typically the deck will need to be changed every two hours, when opening a table or at the discretion of management. The floor will bring over a new deck of cards and open them in front of the dealer. The floor will then check both the front and the back of the cards, The dealer spreads the deck

looking for any marks, flaws, defects, missing, blanks, duplicates and anything along those lines. After they’ve finished inspecting it, they’ll place the cards in the discard rack. The dealer will then take the deck out, spreading it on the table and verifying to the cameras that all cards are present and accounted for. Clean of any marks, flaws or defects. Then the dealer will do the same thing to the back of the cards. After that, the dealer will wash the deck. One of the reasons why dealers wash the deck is to assure players and the camera that the order of the cards is purely random.

House Shuffle

Then the dealer will complete a House Shuffle, load the deck into the automatic shuffle machine and press the shuffle button. Remember, you must complete a House Shuffle after every hand. An example of a House Shuffle would be riffle… strip… riffle. Depending on what house you work in, after a player receives a large payoff, you may either be required to wash and shuffle the deck or you’ll just receive new cards all together. If there are no players on your table, then spread the cards face down, in a half circle. Keep in mind that the casino doesn’t like it when you try and get creative with the cards, making fun images and shapes out of them.

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