How to Deal Let-It-Ride

Part 2: A Vegas Aces Guide

Round 1

Starting from the left hand side and going right, politely ask the player is they would like to “Let-It-Ride” while holding your palm open, facing upward, pointing at their wager. If the player scratches the table, then they don’t want to Let-It-Ride and they want their bet returned. With your forefinger and middle finger, make a “V” shape and push back the The dealer is pushing the chips back to the player

players bet. Your fingers are in this position so that way the cameras are able to see the wager at all times. Do not grab, palm or cover the bet; also, don’t flip it or toss the wager back to the player. Every casino is different. There are some casinos that want you to push the bet back with your palm open and facing upward and your fingers together, like The dealer is pushing the chips back to the player

this. Make sure you know your house rules. If the player tucks their cards, then they want to Let-It-Ride. Don’t touch their wager. Instead, move on to the next player. Players aren’t allowed to change their mind once the dealer has moved on to the next player.

Game Pace

Remember to keep the game moving at a good pace, but you want to be careful not to rush your players. That’s why it’s good to use subtle, silent gestures. “Point” at the player with The dealer is pointing at the cards

your palm open, facing upward and your fingers together. Make eye contact with the player and these silent gestures will go a long way to keeping the game moving in a polite way. The dealer just flipped over the first community card

If the player is taking his time, you can ask him, “Would you like to Let-It-Ride?” After all of the players have made their decision, the dealer will flip over the community card that’s located in the rectangle on the left hand side.

Round 2

Now it’s time for the 2nd round. Again, starting from left and going to the right, the dealer will ask the The player tucked their cards

players if they want to Let-It-Ride. After the player has made their final decision, then have them tuck their cards under their final bet before moving on. Once everyone has finished with their hand, the dealer will flip over the last community card, therefore ending the round.

Determining a Winner

Now it’s time to determine a winner. Starting from the right hand side, or 3rd base, and going left, expose the players hand The dealer turns over the cards and spreads them so the cameras can see them

by flipping it over and spreading the cards far enough that the cameras can see them clearly. Using the player’s three cards and the dealer’s two community cards, the player will get paid based on their five card poker ranking. Determine if the player has a qualifying hand of a pair of 10’s or higher and then pay them according to the odds listed on the paytable. Each bet that the player left up, will get paid the odds for that hand. If the bet was withdrawn, then it doesn’t get paid. If the player has less than a pair of 10’s, then all Let-It-Ride wagers left in action will lose.

Tipping the Dealer

Always pay the players bet first and then the dealers toke bet. Tokes are another word for tips. In some casinos, winning tokes The dealer paid the player's bets are only paid even money and must be taken down as soon as the hand is over. Dealer’s tokes are not allowed to be parlayed. Winning toke bets must be tapped quietly once or twice on the rack before being dropped. Always thank the player for the bet regardless of win or loss.

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The Bonus

Next is the Bonus bet and that gets paid according to the posted paytable. If the guest played the Bonus bet and won, then before paying the customer, enter in the key that The bonus bet is paid

represents that player’s position, on the device next to the shuffle machine, After that, press the key that represents the ranking poker hand they received then pay the bet according to the posted paytable. Press the Enter key before giving the player their winning cheques. If the player got a Straight Flush or a Royal Flush, then call over your floor immediately. On maximum payouts, management will be the one to compute the payoff. After the end of a hand, reset the keypad by pressing the “Game Over” key, otherwise the Lockout will not allow players to bet on the Bonus during the next cycle.

End of the Hand

As soon as you’re finished with the hand, pick up all of the cards and place them in the discard rack. Once all of that has been completed, take the cards and perform a typical House Shuffle. Place the deck in the shuffle machine and press the green shuffle button to start a new cycle.

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