The 3 to 2 Ratio

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Q: “I’m still confused on paying bets for a blackjack with a bet amount that is not a multiple of $5. Can you clarify this? How would you pay 3:2 on a bet of $12, for example?”

A: The term “3 to 2” can be confusing at times. What this ratio is telling us is that the player will get paid 3 cheques for every 2 cheques she bet, or 3 to 2

Another way to think about it is, 3 to 2 is exactly the same as 1 ½. And it’s a lot easier to figure out half of the bet and then add that number to the original bet.

So if you have a $12 wager, half of $12 is $6. Add $6 to $12 and your answer is $18.12 x 1.5 = 18

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