Pet Peeves, Superstitions & Annoying Habits – Volume II

Everyone has a Pet Peeve and casino players are no exception. In fact, some players will say that dealers are their biggest pet peeve. They can easily ruin the night with their actions, attitude, annoying habits, or their bad cards. So what are some pet peeves that players have? We’ll go over a handful today, but remember, everyone is different and there will be many more pet peeves that we didn’t cover in this article, but will in future articles. This is but a small taste of what’s out there.

  • SPEEDY GONZALES: Samantha was just going to get a few quick blackjack hands in while she had some time in between appointments. She started playing and before long she had a killer headache. She wanted to be quick but not this quick. The dealer was going too fast for her and it was difficult to keep up. She couldn’t seem to count the card fast enough as the dealer waited, acting slightly annoyed. Finally she just left. This wasn’t worth the headache.

  • ANNOYING A.I.: Jim rubbed his eyes as he finally looked away from the computer screen. He’d been home sick for the last week, so to pass the time he thought he’d give online gambling a try. His friend, Tim, introduced him to online casinos but it wasn’t the same. He loved blackjack and played in actual, real-life casinos for hours but this online software didn’t give him the same rush and excitement that he was used to, in fact it annoyed and frustrated him. In a real casino he could get caught up in a conversation with the dealer. Online casinos didn’t have any of that. He complained about that to Tim the next time they spoke and Tim replied, “So you’re quitting online casinos over one pet peeve? Come on, dude. There are plenty of online casinos that offer real interaction with dealers. For example, look at

Online United States Casinos . That’s not a good excuse, man. Give it another shot.” Well, Jim thought, it’s worth a try.

  • CLEAN YOUR HOUSE: Jenny was having a great time at the Bachelorette Party, until Lisa called them all over to the blackjack tables. As she approached the table she could smell the mountain of cigarette ash sitting in the multiple ashtrays scattered around the table. There were beer bottles and empty shot glasses littering the table as well as used Kleenexes that were balled up and soggy. It made her want to puke. “Oh, hell no. You guys can play there, but I’m not going near that mess.” She walked away as her friends followed behind her.

  • I’M GRUMPY, I’LL BE YOUR DEALER TONIGHT: Andy spotted the hot blond from across the room and he found himself making a beeline over to her table. All sorts of different scenarios crossed his mind as he gleefully approached the table. He sat down at the empty table and with a huge smile he introduced himself. Nothing. The woman didn’t smile, didn’t say hi, she didn’t even look at him. During the course of play, what words this woman did speak were negative, sour and ugly. She didn’t even thank him when he tipped her. She looked like she would rather be anywhere but here. Crushed, Andy picked up his chips and moved to a different table.

  • YOU KNOW NOTHING, JON THE DEALER: Sally felt pretty good as she walked in the casino. She had spent the entire weekend memorizing the blackjack strategy guide and she felt confident that she was going to leave here with the money she needed to pay for those car repairs. She sat down at the table and started playing, happy that she was remembering what she learned with little difficulty. Then it started. Jon, her dealer, started questioning her decisions and second-guessing her choices. This made her mad, she knew this material inside and out and instead of letting her play how she wanted, this dealer, who didn’t know what he was talking about, was trying to tell her how to play. Pissed, she took her chips and left the table. She’d try again another day, but not today.

That was just a small sample of pet peeves that you’ll see in a casino environment. There’s so much more to add to the list, such as superstitions and annoying habits. Two things that are prevalent in a casino. If you're interested in reading part one of this article, here's, "Pet Peeves, Superstitions & Annoying Habits Volume I" . So the next time you’re at the blackjack table and something pisses you off, write it down and send it to me so that way I can share it and we can all get a laugh.

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