Pet Peeves, Superstitions & Annoying Habits – Volume I

Everyone has a Pet Peeve and casino players are no exception. In fact, some table game dealers will say that complaining is the player’s favorite past time. So what are some of these pet peeves? We’ll go over a handful today, but remember, everyone is different and there will be many more pet peeves that we didn’t cover in this article. That’s why we’re going to have several different volumes out there. We need to have multiple volumes because we’ll be discussing superstitions and annoying habits as well. That can fill an entire Encyclopedia set. If you’re young and you don’t know what an Encyclopedia is, then think of it as Wikipedia but in book form, before the age of the internet. This is but a small sample of what’s out there.

  • MID-DECK ENTRY: Frank has been playing on this double deck blackjack game all night and has been trying to catch a good run for hours. Finally, he gets something good when a newbie player enters the game mid-deck, screwing up his luck and the cards go sour again. He hated mid-deck entry but he had the hots for this dealer and didn’t feel like finding a table with the, “No Mid-Deck Entry” sign.

  • WHAT’S MY AGE AGAIN: Derick is 42 and he always frequents casinos. His pet peeve is his baby face. He doesn’t mind looking young, that’s not the problem. What really pisses him off is that he has to show every single dealer, cocktail waitress and bartender his I.D. multiple times a night and always having to reach in his wallet is what really annoys him.

  • HOLD MY SEAT: John was doing what he enjoyed most on a Saturday night; playing poker. Yes, it was busy and the poker room was crowded, but he liked playing on a full table. The guy next to him just lost on an All-In bet and angrily threw his chair in as he got up to leave. “I’ll be back. Hold my seat” he said. Two hands later another player left asking the dealer to lock down his seat as well. 90 minutes later neither of them had returned and John was peeved. He wanted to play on a full table but now he felt stuck playing here. This would have never happened if he’d just stayed in that night and played at

Poker Stars Online Casino.

  • BACKSEAT PLAYERS: Richard was counting cards and decided to go against the recommended strategy for blackjack by doubling a soft 19 against the dealer’s 5 up card. Both the dealer and the other players started nagging him about how this wasn’t the correct play and how he should look up the correct strategy on

the Wizard of Odds website. That really irked him and he snapped harshly at everyone on the table. “This is my money. I worked hard for it and I’ll spend it any which way I see fit. Besides, who made you the local blackjack expert? If you don’t like what I do, then just leave.” He huffed and went back to playing. That was one of his biggest pet peeves.

  • WHACK-A-MOLE: Nathan sat down on a double deck game and started playing. He nearly jumped out of his seat as the dealer flung the card so hard and fast that he thought he was in a real life game of Whack-a-Mole. He couldn’t believe that she did the same thing with every player. A few of the players on the table looked a little put off by this action, but the dealer didn’t seem to notice. In fact, the dealer didn’t say much at all. Nathan shook his head. Why continue working in a job you hate that much, he thought to himself. After a few hands, he couldn’t stand it anymore and got up and left.

That was just a small sample of pet peeves, superstitions and annoying habits that you see in a casino. It’s not uncommon to walk past a poker table and see a LEGO man sitting on top of someone’s chips. There’s so much more to add to the list that we’re going to start grouping these together using themes. Volume I’s theme was just Pet Peeves while we’re making Volume II’s theme about Pet Peeves: Dealers. If you feel like you have a good pet peeve, superstition or annoying habit that you’ve seen while in a casino and you want to contribute to these volumes; then send me a message telling me about your experiences and I’ll add it to future articles. Especially superstitions. I’d love to get a new article out with hilarious, bizarre or interesting superstitions that people have seen while in a casino.

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