4 Ways to Improve Your Card Dealing Skills

the dealer is being friendly to the player

Working at a land-based casino should be something you consider if you are looking for an unconventional career path. Even though nowadays you can gamble from home, or use your smartphone to access casinos such as the Springbok mobile gambling venue, that's just for fun - not your job. One of the most desirable jobs at a gambling venue is the dealer’s position and with good reason! Casino dealers enjoy great benefits, a boisterous working environment, convenient working conditions, and of course – the tips. In many casinos, all around the globe, dealers rely on tips to make a buck but to do so - they have to be in possession of very specific skills. If you want to become the best dealer you could be and earn humongous batches of money in tips, keep on reading!

What to Do

  1. Be Friendly, Yet Professional

To get more tips during your shift, you should make the players gravitate towards your table by creating a lively atmosphere. Smile, be polite and courteous and make the players feel welcome. But remember – you don’t want to be overly friendly with the gamblers. Sometimes, when a dealer tries too hard to maintain a cheery ambience, he can overdo it and come across as obnoxious. Moreover, if you talk too much, it can slow the game down, which in turn can have a negative effect on the players’ gambling experience.

  1. Don't Grovel

Most gamblers, especially the experienced ones, can spot a fake person from a mile away. After all, discovering lies is part of their game strategy. If you try to persuade the players into leaving a bigger tip without them noticing, you will probably annoy them to no end. Don’t try to force the players to tip you, as they will appreciate you more if you stay as efficient and professional as possible, and that will show in the tips.

  1. Communicate with Everyone at the Table

One of the most important aspects of being a dealer, apart from knowing the game’s rules, is to convince players to keep playing even when things don’t go their way. You can achieve that by keeping everyone at the table entertained, engaging them all in the process, making sure that all gamblers stay active, involved and happy while they place their bets. One way to do that is to strike up a conversation with a few players, and try to get the others involved as fast as you can.

  1. Get to Know the Regulars

One thing you need to understand is that gamblers who choose to play table games at a casino, rather than opt for slots or online casino games, are interested in the social aspect of the game. They like to be recognized, and if you can make them feel special, they will be more inclined to tip you better at the end of the night. Remembering the players’ names or specific details about them will be of service to you: do they smoke? Bring them an ashtray. Have they shared a personal detail with you? Where are they from? Try to bring it up the next time they come around. The personal touch will guarantee players' satisfaction with your service.

Dealing cards is not only about the technique or following the rules. Your personality and the way you act can greatly affect your chances of developing a career in the business.

Are You Ready to Try Those Tips in Real Life?

Those four simple rules might seem to be a bit obvious, but you will be surprised at how rarely dealers implement them in their work. If you want to become the best poker dealer at the casino and increase your wages by earning as many tips as possible, you should try using the mentioned tips to your favour. Work hard, and your future as a dealer will be all set!

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