Casino Industry Job Options – Roles Created Within The Online Gambling Industry

Gambling industry revenue is predicted to hit $23.03bn in 2024. Consider the immense growth in the industry and you’ll see how this massive industry needs a lot of people involved to keep things ticking.

Online play means things have changed, and a lot of people working in the industry may work remotely, for instance. There is still a massive demand for people involved, and this has grown in recent years as new developments push the industry further forward.


Live dealers are not a thing of the past because of online casinos. Far from it. Some casinos provide live casino games, meaning that players are connected with a real person dealing the cards.

Via an online video feed, players can log in and start playing games like blackjack and a real person is there, just like you’d see at an in-person casino.

Dealers working in the casino industry can do so from more locations now, because of the fact that the internet is connecting people in this manner. Bettors still expect a smart dress code and a level of skill, and dealers tend to provide exactly this while giving some of the human interaction that is expected from casino gaming.

Interfaces are the alternative, games programmed in languages like HTML5 that are simple and don’t involve a person at all. Graphics of the cards are “dealt” in front of the player. Some prefer this method, others prefer to connect to an actual person. Contrary to what some assume, live dealers still have a huge role to play, and not everybody realizes the skill actually involved in this role. “Dealing school” is what we call it when somebody learns how to properly deal card games.

Support Staff

Payment details can go wrong or people might not understand how to do something at a casino. Support staff are there to help – these are the folks who help players with any questions or issues they have while using the gambling website or app. In this role, people might answer emails, chat with customers online, or talk to them on the phone.

With so many players logging in to play casino games daily, there’s no surprise that support staff are needed. Trust is a big thing for players, and being able to contact someone with questions can help to foster this trust.

Web Developers

Some gambling websites are huge and have loads of features. Developers are the ones behind the scenes keeping all of this ticking.

Developers may be specialists in the casino industry or they might work in a wide variety of different industries, but there is a lot of demand created through sites that are so successful and popular.

Marketing Staff

We see a whole lot of healthy competition in the industry with brands competing to provide the best offers.

Marketing specialists are the folks who come up with new ways to advertise the casino website or app to get more people interested. Bonuses are a big way of doing so, but they might use social media, email campaigns, or special promotions to attract new players and keep the existing ones coming back for more excitement. Sponsorships, partnerships, and more creative marketing tactics may form part of the role.

Game Developers

Game development is a popular career path, and there is a demand in the console gaming industry and also in the casino industry. Thousands of games have been released in recent years, and people need to work on the development of these casino games to ensure new ideas.

Even the live dealer casino games we discussed will need a developer, somebody to create the actual interface and turn a simple idea into an intuitive game.

Game developers often work freelance and go from one project to another, and the constant demand of the casino industry can be appealing to them.

Graphic Designers

Big brands have their own, while smaller brands may work with graphic designers on a contract, part-time, or temporary basis.

The casino industry may not be the number one employer, but there is work for graphic designers. Designers play a crucial role in creating visually stunning and engaging content that makes a site and its games look good. They use their artistic skills and creativity to design various elements of the casino's branding, marketing materials, and user interfaces, and may also work directly with the developers who are making the games to produce assets for them.


More examples are out there. Like any big business, there are project managers, CEOs, financial directors, and even whole HR departments for these casinos. To make a successful casino, it is vital that there are a lot of moving parts that work together. Multi-billion dollar industries are worth keeping an eye on for people looking for a job. From marketers to admin and support staff, casino industries have a demand.

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