Best Casinos to Work at in Atlantic City

Though many thought the golden days of Atlantic City were over, a recent boom in New Jersey’s sports betting economy has reinvigorated the Boardwalk. And with New Jersey leading the Boardwalk

the way with online casino offerings in addition to mobile sports betting apps, finding work at an Atlantic City establishment is one way to join the move online. This is because each online casino must be associated with a brick-and-mortar establishment in Atlantic City, which means employees that excel at dealing could even take a turn dealing live for online players taking advantage of New Jersey casino offers and other deals. At the very least, a healthy online sector helps protect integrated resorts economically during slow periods. With a revenue of $99.45m from December 2020 alone (reported by NJ Gaming), the future is looking bright for Atlantic City’s jump online. But which of Atlantic City’s nine casinos offers the best employment opportunities? Those who start their employment search in Atlantic City should keep an eye out for positions that offer the opportunity to grow and expand their knowledge of business and hospitality. However, just because a casino-resort has a great reputation with visitors, that doesn’t mean employees also receive preferential treatment. Keep reading below to learn more about Zippia reviews, taken from data evaluations, and GlassDoor reviews, which come from employees themselves.

1. Golden Nugget

Ranked First: Golden Nugget The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa may rank first from a visitor's perspective , the New Jersey streets

but the Golden Nugget Atlantic City Hotel, Casino & Marina has the highest Zippia score for Atlantic City casinos. The Golden Nugget was founded in Atlantic City in 1985, which means it’s not only one of the most established casinos on the boardwalk, but it’s also a company that prefers to hire locally. Many employees graduate from nearby colleges with degrees in entertainment, hospitality, and business-related fields. Additionally, the Golden Nugget ranks highest among casinos in terms of salary. Zippia reports the average salary as $35,428 a year, which is much higher than competitors. The average length of employment is four years, which provides ample time for young professionals to develop their career goals.

2. Tropicana

Ranked Second: Tropicana Ranked second for employees and second in a list of the most popular Atlantic City casinos, Tropicana Casino and Resort is a great place to find employment. With over 4,200 employees, opportunities are nearly endless, from hospitality to dealing. Much like the Golden Nugget, Tropicana employees tend to stick around for just over four years. However, Tropicana has one of the highest financial performance reviews on Zippia, which means job security is high—though the average salary isn’t listed, as it falls below $29,000. Working in Tropicana’s favor are its high reviews on GlassDoor, which come directly from employees. Over half of employees would recommend working at the establishment. There are also Spanish-language opportunities for native speakers at Tropicana.

3. Resorts

Ranked Third: Resorts Though Resorts Casino Hotel tends to fall last on Atlantic City casino rankings from visitors, the boardwalk’s oldest establishment (opened in 1978) is ranked third by its employees. Think of it this way: guests may complain about small rooms, but housekeeping doesn’t. One of the casino’s biggest pushes to modernize is its recently-opened DraftKings Sportsbook lounge. This has helped revitalize the establishment, which also prefers to hire employees from local New Jersey colleges, as well as professionals coming from the US Army. Even better, Resorts Casino Hotel leads the competition in average employment time at 4.5 years. According to Zippia, most employees who continue working in the hospitality field work at Caesars Entertainment after leaving Resorts Casino Hotel. However, the Resorts Casino Hotel doesn’t rank highly on Zippia’s financial performance list—though this may change now that the group has partnered with the country’s most popular sportsbook (DraftKings). And, despite the group’s lower financial performance rating, Resorts has the highest employee approval rating on GlassDoor. A strong 83% of employees would recommend that their close friends also seek employment at Resorts.

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