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Keeping Track of the Money with a Clean Bank & Rack Maintenance


Learn about rack maintenance, keeping your bank clean, how to keep your chips organized, keeping track of your money and when to focus on this routine task.

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How Much Money Do Casino Dealers Make?


Find out how much money the casino dealer's in Las Vegas make in tips. An average toke amount is given for low, medium and high tier casinos.

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How to Read a Soft Hand in Blackjack


Are you having trouble reading soft hands in Blackjack? Then this is for you! We go over how to read soft hands in blackjack, such as soft 17.

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Should the Dealer Have Any Input on How the Player Plays their Hand?


Do you think dealers should give their advice on how the Player should play their hand? Or should the dealer just stay out of the Player's decision making pr...

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What's the Largest Casino Winnings You've Seen?


What's the largest amount of money you've ever seen someone win on a casino game? Join me as I tell you my stories.

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What is your Favorite Casino Game?


What's your favorite game to play? I'll tell you what game I enjoyed dealing the most.

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What is your Craziest Casino Story?


Listen to me tell several crazy casino stories.

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What are the Best Casinos to Work for in Las Vegas?


Which casinos in Vegas are considered the best ones to work for and why? How much money do they make in tips? How long should you expect to be a casino deale...

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How to Play Poker & Win Big in Far Cry 3


Are you playing the video game Far Cry 3? Do you want to know how to play Poker and win lots of money? Then this article is perfect for you!

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Teaching Table Games Online with Heather, The Vegas Aces | Vlogger 1on1


In today’s VLOGGER 1 on 1, we have a conversation with Heather Ferris, who started a channel to teach table games and dealer skills for free online. She has...

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