Sexual Hypocrisy At The Top Level

The casino I use to work for was horrible when it came to sexual harassment. For 2 ½ years one of the bars would show soft core images on the TVs that surrounded the bar. The images were all women wearing see-through lingerie and in provocative poses. The men running the bar saw no problem with it. The women who worked there and the female customers all had a problem with it. The casino was finally forced to take it down because so many customers complained. We also had a casino manager who would hire these beautiful women with large boobs as dealers even though they would have no idea how to deal. I’ve heard him talk about woman dealers as “stupid Barbie’s” or “whores”. Women who worked at the pool had to wear a tight skimpy bathing suit; one female dealer really wanted to deal at the pool but the casino manager told her she couldn’t because she didn’t fit his ideal body type. All of the employees are forced to go to a sexual harassment seminar once a year and the casino manager would show up and say a few words. In 2010 the same casino manager got fired because he texted a dealer requesting a blowjob. The casino found out that he had been having sex with female dealers for years; by the way the slime ball is married with kids.

∾ Heather 2010

Date: July 25, 2010 @ 11:19am PST


Eye Candy

Every year the Palms Hotel & Casino has a big “Sleep Over PJ Party” (Here are some pictures from the 2008 party). Women come dressed up in fancy lingerie and high heel shoes. When the party is over, multiple groups of women walk to nearby casinos to gamble. Well, I was dealing blackjack that night and I had a full table of men whose backs were facing the door, so they couldn’t see when one of these groups of women walked in. Tired of missing out, one of my players said to me, “Hey, if you tell us when a group of women walk by we’ll give you $5 each time.” My floorman, Frankie was close by and heard what the player said. He walked over, turned his back towards the table and leaned up against it and said, “I can’t let that happen. I will only allow it if you tell me when they walk by, too.” I laughed so hard. So, Frankie was standing there, watching the pit, looking like he was doing his job, and every 5 minutes I would stop dealing so the men could turn around and watch the barely clothed women walk by. I had no problem with it because I would get tipped $5 every time.

∾ Heather 2005

Date: June 2, 2010 @ 9:13am PST


A Creative Halloween Costume

The woman is wearing a cling wrap costume

It was Halloween and most of the clubs in Las Vegas usually hold costume contests. That year there were some creative costumes. The most extreme costume was when this beautiful woman walked in completely naked with clear cling wrap draped around her midsection a couple times and a pair of clear high heel stripper shoes. There was very little distortion in the cling wrap; you could see everything almost perfectly. She was able to walk around for a while because all of the male security guards didn’t want to throw her out, but then a female security guard found out about the woman and rushed over to 86 her. All the men were pissed.

∾ Heather 2005

Date: June 10, 2010 @ 10:07am PST


A Good Marketing Idea

I was dealing to a table full of guys one night and they were losing a ton of money. One of the guys suggested that the next person who walked by should cut the deck. It was an extremely slow night and they were playing a single deck game so it was a couple minutes later that I was getting done shuffling and a gorgeous, blond big-breasted woman walked by. One of the guys stopped her and asked her to cut the deck. “Sure,” she said as she grabbed the cut card. She pulled down her shirt and rubbed the cut card on her nipple and then cut the deck. Well the guys loved that and they made her cut the deck the same way every time for an hour. They were losing more miserably then before but they were having a great time. My floorman was so elated because he got a free titty show for the day. Well, it ended up that she was a prostitute and thought it was a good marketing idea to do that. It worked because she went up to the room with one of the guys and they didn’t come back for the rest of the night.

∾ Heather 2005

Date: May 11, 2010 @ 9:43am PST


Memorial Day Weekend

A beer bottle with liquid pouring in it

I was on the roulette table as a mucker on a busy Memorial Day weekend. The whole table was filled with college kids, all drunk and all having fun. The table was so full of people that you had trouble seeing past them. After a couple of hours of having these people on the table, the roulette dealer nudged me and said, "Do you see what that guy is doing?" I looked up and one of the drunk college kids was barely standing up with his pants unzipped and his dick hanging out. He had put an empty beer bottle on the ground and was trying to pee in it. It was hilarious because he was so drunk he peed all around the bottle; I don’t think one drop landed inside. I laughed so hard because he managed to pee on a woman’s leg while she was walking by and I don’t think she noticed. I called the floorman, who called security, who came and took the guy away. The poor drunk couldn’t figure out why the security guards were escorting him out.

∾ Heather 2005

Date: May 31, 2010 @ 11:27am PST


A Story Caused By Another Story

Two middle age people that are flirting

Note: You will need to have read "A Good Marketing Idea" from May 11, 2010 to understand this story.

I was dealing on a single deck blackjack table with a full crew of customers. There were 2 middle-aged married couples and a middle-aged man and woman who were both married but not to each other. They didn’t know one another but they had been on the table for a while and had become acquainted. Well, I told them the “A Good Marketing Idea” story and they loved it so much that they wanted to mimic it. No, I’m serious. They were all drunk and every time we had to cut the deck (which was after every 2 hands) one of them would rub the cut card on their breast or on their butt or on someone else’s breast or butt. They were even crisscrossing, where husband #1 would rub wife #2’s breast. The women would either be rubbing the card over their clothes or under their clothes. It got crazy and attracted a crowd. They finally had so much to drink they had to go up to their rooms, but only after 4 hours of being crazy.

∾ Heather 2007

Date: May 12, 2010 @ 10:23am PST


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