Real life stories about drunks from all around the floor.

Know When To Say No

People are sitting at a bar

I was dealing on a roulette table that was positioned right next to the bar. I had a couple of players on the table and all of us were talking and having fun. A man, who was sitting at the bar, stood up, took 2 steps, stopped and then fell flat on his face. Two girls that were on my table jumped up ran over to him and turned him over. His face was red but his nose was blue and smashed. He was awake but completely drunk. The girls were able to sit him up on the nearest chair, which was the bar stool, and then they came back to the table and started playing again. After 5 minutes the bartender walked up to the guy and offered him another drink! You could see that this guy was obviously intoxicated and I’m pretty sure the bartender saw the guy fall over but he still gave him more alcohol. 30 minutes and a few beers later the inebriated man stood up, took 2 steps, stopped and fell flat on his face; again, for a second time. My floorman, Jon, who had been watching the whole thing, picked up the phone and called security. When security came they dragged the drunk into a wheel chair and rolled him to the front desk to see if he was a guest, he was, and then they escorted him back up to his room. Jon put in a formal complaint against the bartender. No bartender should serve someone who is that wasted.

∾ Heather 2007

Date: July 8, 2010 @ 11:16am PST


A Wheelchair Drunk

I was dealing single deck blackjack in a pit right next to the entrance of a night club. Being a dealer you get to see all of these young people go into the night club sober and come out drunk. It was a great place to people watch. Once, I saw this young woman with long curly brown hair and wearing a short purple dress go into the club with her group of friends; but she didn’t walk out. She was wheeled out in a wheel chair because she was so drunk she couldn’t walk. The security guard wheeled her over across from the night club entrance and then used his walkie-talkie to try and reach someone. While his back was turned the wasted woman was talking to the only friend that came out with her. One minute they’re talking and the next minute the girl in the wheel chair had both hands firmly around the other girl’s throat. She was strangling her friend and she looked mad as she shook the girl’s head back and forth. The guard finally noticed and broke it up but it was funny to watch.

∾ Heather 2006

Date: July 16, 2010 @ 12:19am PST


Drinking & It's Effects On The Brain

A shot of alcohol

I was staying at one of the nicest hotel & casinos on the strip. Late one evening, as I was walking thru the casino to the elevators to return to my room, I encountered a rather young and buxom blonde that was in distress. She was rather inebriated. Sobbing, she was trying to tell a maintenance worker that all she wanted to do was return to her room but she didn’t know her room number. Of course the maintenance worker had no idea what to do and the magnetic key cards don’t have the room number on them for security reasons; that is why it's very important for you to remember what room you're staying in. The maintenance worker that was trying to help her spoke very little English and they were getting nowhere; so I walked over and advised her to go to the front desk where they could get her room number for her. She stood there and stared at me like I was also speaking a foreign language; she was so drunk I don't think she understood. I tried again but then gave up when I got a blank face as a response. Seeing that floorshow reminds me why I'm so grateful I don't drink anymore.

∾ Stoney

Date: August 3, 2010 @ 9:51am PST


Sometimes It's Better To Keep Your Mouth Shut

I was dealing blackjack to 2 young drunk guys who looked like they were in their early 20’s. They had been acting like jackasses all night. Well this 6 foot 11 inch woman walked by the table and sat down at the bar that was right next to the tables. She was pretty and proportionate, with nice sized breasts and good looking legs. She was just tall. Well the guys on my table started arguing about whether or not she was actually a he. I didn’t believe for one second that that was a man dressed up as a woman. She was too feminine. One of the guys said, “I’m going over there and I’m going to ask it if it is a he or a she.” “No, don’t do it. Just be nice and look for an Adam’s apple” his friend said. The guy got up and walked over to the tall woman and sat down next to her at the bar. They started talking and when she looked away he tilted his head for a better look at her breasts. Then he asked her, “Are you a woman?” She whipped her hand around and smacked him across the face. He came stumbling back with a smug look on his face and said, “She’s a girl.” The other guy and I laughed so hard.

∾ Heather 2007

Date: June 5, 2010 @ 11:09am PST


Memorial Day Weekend

A beer bottle with liquid pouring in it

I was on the roulette table as a mucker on a busy Memorial Day weekend. The whole table was filled with college kids, all drunk and all having fun. The table was so full of people that you had trouble seeing past them. After a couple of hours of having these people on the table, the roulette dealer nudged me and said, "Do you see what that guy is doing?" I looked up and one of the drunk college kids was barely standing up with his pants unzipped and his dick hanging out. He had put an empty beer bottle on the ground and was trying to pee in it. It was hilarious because he was so drunk he peed all around the bottle; I don’t think one drop landed inside. I laughed so hard because he managed to pee on a woman’s leg while she was walking by and I don’t think she noticed. I called the floorman, who called security, who came and took the guy away. The poor drunk couldn’t figure out why the security guards were escorting him out.

∾ Heather 2005

Date: May 31, 2010 @ 11:27am PST


Geriatric Blackjack

The glass is tipped over

I was dealing blackjack to a table full of older men; the youngest looked like he was 50 years old. They had been drinking and having a good time when the 85 year old man knocked over his full cocktail. Ice and liquid went flying all over the chips, cards and table. We stopped playing and started using napkins to clean it up. The 85 year old was grabbing the ice and putting it back into his cup. Well he grabbed the ice and the $10 bet that was under it and put it in the glass, then he grabbed the ice and the $20 bet of the player next to him and put that in the glass as well, then he started to drink from the glass with the chips in it! It was so disgusting! The casino never cleans those chips. We pointed out that there were chips in his glass but it didn’t help much because he had already drank the last of the liquid in the cup. He was so drunk he didn’t care how dirty the chips were.

∾ Heather 2007

Date: June 20, 2010 @ 12:59am PST


Red Card

I was dealing double deck blackjack on an extremely slow night at 1 in the morning. I had 2 couples at my table and I think they were the only people in the casino at the time. They had been there all night drinking and the women were more intoxicated then the men. It was getting late and the woman on 2nd base started rubbing her eyes. Well, being drunk, she rubbed her hands over her mouth and smeared her bright red lipstick down her jaw. Then she brought her hands back up to rub her eyes again. The smeared lipstick she had all over her hand was wiped across her forehead, eyes, cheeks and nose. There were red streaks all over her face and to make matters worse she was touching the cards and marking them with that disgusting red lipstick. I had to call over the floorman, Jared, to switch the cards. He walked over and all we could do was look at the woman and smile. We didn’t say anything or do anything. He just switched the cards and left. Apparently the other 3 people at the table were so wasted that they didn’t notice at first. So, of course, on the next hand she marked the cards again and I had to call over Jared again to replace the cards. This time Jared brought over some handy-wipes to clean her hands but that didn’t work because she kept touching her face and rubbing more lipstick everywhere. After the 4th time of replacing the cards Jared finally called security to escort the completely wasted people back to their rooms. I guess the reason why Jared put up with them for so long was because it was completely dead in the casino and that was pretty amusing.

∾ Heather 2006

Date: May 20, 2010 @ 7:24am PST


The Casino Can Afford One Hand

A few cowboys playing roulette

Every December the rodeo comes into town, bringing with it a city full of cowboys. There would be so many cowboys that the dealer’s would have to stay in the pit during their breaks because we couldn’t get through the crowd to go to the break room. Well I had this cowboy on my table playing $1,000 per hand and he was completely wasted. He had a 16, hit the 16 and got a 10. He furiously picked up that 10, crumpled it up and ate the card, and then asked for another hit. My jaw hit the floor. I called over my floorman, Bill and said, “We need another 10 of hearts.” “What do you mean ‘we need another 10 of hearts’? What happened to the other one?” Bill asked confused. “Well this guy ate it.” “No he didn’t. Stop pulling my chain, can’t you see how busy I am?” Bill said as he started to walk away. “No, come back; check the camera’s if you don’t believe me.” I called after him. So Bill went to the phone and called the cameras and sure enough they verified my story. When Bill walked back to the table he looked stunned. “What should I do?” I asked him. “Well, if he wants a card so badly, give him another card.” I think everyone at the table was as surprised as I was. So I gave him another card and he got a 5, making 21, and ended up winning. I asked Bill later why he didn’t kick that guy out and he said, “Well, that guy has been here for 3 days and has lost $30,000 every day. So for $90,000 I think the casino can afford to give him one hand to make him happy.”

∾ Heather 2004

Date: May 17, 2010 @ 8:28am PST


A Drunk Colorblind

A large stack of green chips on the player's side of blackjack

I was dealing blackjack and it was the start of the shift; I tapped out the day shift dealer and she points to an empty chair with 4 stacks of green chips ($2,000) and said, "The player went to the bathroom, and he’ll be right back.” She clapped out and left for the day and I started dealing. 5 minutes later this guy walks straight to the seat, sits down and starts playing $50 per hand. Ok, I’m thinking, this must be the guy. For 5 minutes we are playing and he is actually doing quite well when another guy (guy #2) walks up to the table and starts screaming, “Security! Security! He is stealing my money!” The floorman Kyle rushes over and makes guy #1 stop playing. Kyle then called the cameras and find’s out that it is guy #2’s money. Well, since guy #1 was winning the Kyle decided to let guy #2 keep the winnings and he let guy #1 go with a warning. Guy #1 got up and walked over to the very next table where there was an empty spot with money and he sat down and started playing with that money. Kyle was so pissed he rushed over there and started yelling at guy #1. “What are you doing? You just got in trouble over there and now you are doing it again at the next table and you expect me not to notice?” It turned out that guy #1 was completely wasted and he left his chips, went to the bathroom, and when he came out of the bathroom he forgot where he was sitting. So he was wandering around the casino, looking for an empty spot with money thinking it was his. We had to have security walk him around the casino looking for a dealer who recognized him. When he found his seat, security told me later that he had $50 total at his seat. Imagine being so drunk you think your $50 in red chips turned into $2,000 in green chips.

∾ Heather 2005

Date: May 10, 2010 @ 11:16am PST


Lucky Drunk

The player split their hand at a thousand dollars for each bet

I was dealing blackjack and this drunk guy walks in and sits down at my table with $20. He does everything wrong. He splits 10's, he stayed on a 5 when the dealer had a 10 up card, and he hit when he had a 17 (and he got a 4). It was amazing because he was winning almost every hand. He stayed at the table for 8 hours and finally left with $17,000. He was drunk the entire time.

Everybody thought he was cheating. He had 2 floormen, 1 casino manager, a security guard and all of the camera's watching him, but they couldn't find him cheating. So the floormen did everything they could to break up the winning streak; they let him continue drinking (even though, by law, they were suppose to cut him off because he was so drunk he could barely sit up.) The floormen thought that if he was wasted then that would cause him to make mistakes and lose. When that didn't work they switched the cards in the shoe. Now, a casino will never switch a six-deck shoe in the middle of the shift unless someone spills a drink on the cards. The reason why is because 1) there is only one person touching the cards so the cards will have less chance of getting marked and 2) it takes too long to switch 6 decks on a live game, it costs the casino money. So after they switched the cards, he was still getting win after win. The floormen were desperate so they tried switching dealers, putting their hot dealers on the table. Nothing worked, this guy was so lucky. His table was full of angry people who were trying to get him to play the correct way; they would tell him to do one thing and he would think about it and then do the opposite and win. The rest of the table played by the book and lost, so everyone was pissed at this guy.

At one point, he was up to $25,000 when he started losing; he probably would have lost it all if the next event didn't happen. By this time he had tipped the dealers about $5,000 total; so he is losing and he calls over the floorman, Patrick, and tells him that the $5,000 he gave the dealers is his money and he would like it back. Patrick said, "It doesn't work like that, once you give the dealer a tip you can't get it back." The drunk was so angry that he fought with Patrick for 20 minutes over the tip. Finally Patrick yelled, "You started with $20, you now have $20,000 and you are arguing with me about getting the dealer's tip back! You're a greedy bastard." The drunk played 2 more hands, lost and then took his $17,000 and left, all the while bitching and making threats to the people around him. The dealers talked about this for weeks afterwards. We were all laughing because we said that 'this guy was so drunk that when he woke up the next morning and found all of that cash he probably thought he robbed a bank.

∾ Heather 2004

Date: May 5, 2010 @ 8:19am PST


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