How Easy is it to Become a Professional Card Dealer

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Playing Cards

With the online casino industry on the rise every year and reportedly worth more than $60 billion, there are plenty of opportunities for jobs. Live casino is an area of focus at most sites, as players enjoy coming face to face with real-life dealers. Pursuing a career as a dealer for an online casino is now seen as a viable career path, but it is something that requires a particular set of skills. For people wanting to get into dealing, they first need to master it. Then, they should decide where the best place to work is.

Mastering the Skills

There are numerous attributes and skills needed to become a professional card dealer, and these go way beyond the actual shuffling and dealing of the cards themselves. Some of the main responsibilities of a casino dealer are to set up the table before players enter, greet new players and make them feel special, and ensure that all the wagers and chips are set up before play commences. This means that customer service training is a must, and dealers should also have a firm grip on mathematics to make quick calculations.

Royal Cards

Dealers also need to have an intricate knowledge of the main casino games. In blackjack, there are certain ways that the dealer must act in a particular scenario. For instance, if they have 17 or more, they must stand. They can give players advice about what to do as well, so learning all the intricate rules is a must.

Aspiring dealers need to learn how to deal with the cards with flair and ensure there is never a mistake. This can all be learned on a croupier course, which normally takes around eight weeks. Having the qualifications is a good starting point, but a lot of casinos will also provide their in-house training.

Is Europe The Best Place to Get Work?

There are plenty of places for dealers to get work in the USA, with Las Vegas and Atlantic City being two of the world’s biggest gambling hubs. But to get on board with the rising online gambling industry, Europe is arguably the best location for a dealer. This is because some of the world’s biggest developers are based in the continent, with NetEnt being a standout example.

NetEnt is a Scandinavian developer that has been in the online casino business since 1996. It is considered to be one of the powerhouses of the industry, and is responsible for some of the most popular slot games. These include titles like Gonzo’s Quest, which can be found at sites such as Maria Casino in Norway . In a recent company statement, NetEnt stated that live casino is one of its primary focuses in 2020. This is only just one example of how this industry is expanding across the world, and its momentum is yet to show signs of slowing down.

Getting a job as a dealer at a casino could be considered alongside options such as becoming an eSports athlete in terms of viable career paths to take in 2020. With the industry growing exponentially, it should always be easy to find jobs. In addition to that, there is a lot of scope for progression within the casino hierarchy.

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