Let's Make a Dealer (Vegas Aces on the Faces & Aces Podcast)

Welcome to Faces and Aces Las Vegas. A podcast where we share great Vegas stories and we talk to the people who make Vegas a fantastic place to visit. My name is Chris and welcome to the show.

Here is what our show is about. We invite people to come on our show to share their great, cool, fun and exciting Vegas story. So for today's show we have something cool, we talk to Heather. She does this as a profession, she makes online gambling videos that teaches people how to play properly but more than that she has created an online school. She teaches people how to deal so they can go on and get a dealing job in Vegas. The other cool thing about having Heather on is she is a Las Vegas native. She literally knows where the bodies are buried.

Chris: My next guest is Heather the creator of Vegas-aces.com. That is a website where you can go and take a look at some tutorial gambling videos. Some basic how to play blackjack, how to play roulette, as well it is the world's first online school for dealers. She has a lot of tutorial videos on how to become a casino dealer. What appealed to me the most when I found vegas-aces.com online is that it is free.

Her belief is that information should be free. Education should be free. She gives information away for free so when you do go apply for a job as a dealer you have some kind of working knowledge on what the job is. That might give you a leg up in terms of getting that job at the casino. I have a lot of respect for Heather. I love what she does and I love her philosophy.

For those that are long time fans of the show we have the return of Aaron in this interview. Please enjoy our interview with Heather.

Just so I have it correct is it vegas-aces or vegas aces?

Heather: So when I am directing them to the website it is vegas-aces.com.

Chris: And you are a Las Vegas dealer right?

Heather: I WAS a Las Vegas dealer.

Chris: You WERE a Las Vegas dealer.

Heather: Now I do Vegas Aces pretty much all of the time.

Chris: Really?

Heather: Yeah.

Chris: Well let’s start with the beginning. Were you born here? When did you come to Vegas?

Heather: I am second generation born and raised native.

Chris: Where did you grow up? Did you grow up just outside of Vegas?

Heather: We actually moved a lot. So we moved about every four years. I didn’t stay in school more than three years. Then highschool is the only time I stayed more than four years. Well I should say four years. Thank goodness I didn’t stay longer in High School. But any way.

Chris: Most people do High School in four years.

Heather: Exactly. If it was longer than four years I think –

Chris: That was the best six years of my life.

Aaron: You seem very smart.

Chris: Super duper senior.

Heather: Well after six years of high school I hope so right?

Chris: That is not even counting grade school. So when you are a senior in High School you can buy alcohol for everybody.

Heather: Yeah. I lived all around Las Vegas. I lived like the Flamingo/Decatur area, the Summerlin area, the Henderson area, and North Las Vegas. Don’t ever move to North Las Vegas. North Las Vegas is bad town. You get just a lot more crime in that area. Same with the East side. You get a lot of crime in the East side. A lot of crime on Boulder Highway, Nellis area. The East and North are really good. Like if you are going to move to Las Vegas move to the west side, like Henderson, GreenValley area.

Chris: Or Summerlin.

Heather: Yeah Summerlin. Okay just a quick story on Summerlin.

Chris: Yeah.

Heather: So long time ago when the mob was running Las Vegas, Rainbow was the furthest you could go out. It was all desert after that. So when they hid the bodies they hid them out in that desert area. So when they started doing houses in Summerlin, the construction workers were digging up these bodies from the mafia days. They had to stop construction, get the police out there, get the body up and all that stuff. That was in the news for a while. Let me put it this way, it cost so much time and so much money for them to dig up the bodies that I had a friend or two tell me on the down low, which I am not sure if it true but it is a great freaking story. That instead of going through all the time and money to actually dig up the bodies and call the police and everything, sometimes they would look the other way and continue pouring the concrete over them.

Chris: Oh no.

Heather: So me and my friend would always joke about how the Summerlin houses are so expensive and they are probably built on all these dead bodies from the mafia days. It was just something we would joke about in High School.

Chris: Wow.

Heather: I have a lot of weird stories like that.

Chris: Great. Fantastic. Let’s continue to get to know you. So you grew up all over Las Vegas. Or just outside of Las Vegas. At what point or what age did you decide that you wanted to work in Las Vegas? Did you work off strip and work your way to the strip?

Heather: Well the first job I ever had. Well one of the first jobs that I had, because I had many first jobs, was in High School. I was a henna artist down on Fremont street, downtown. So we would actually see a lot of crazy people around. You know because it is downtown. Just so people who don’t know Freemont street itself is usually pretty good. It is usually safe. Metro police officers usually ride their bikes up and down the street so it is safe. If you go anywhere off of Fremont street especially at night, it is not very safe. There are a lot of druggies and homeless people. There are a lot of crazy people and drunks. Typically it is not very safe. So anyways –

Chris: Unless you are looking for drugs.

Heather: Well then it is a great place to come to.

Chris: Then go there.

Heather: Here is another tip…

Chris: Go see my friend Billy. He hangs out on this corner just off the strip. I will include his info in the show notes. Okay. Sorry.

Heather: It’s ok. So one night I am people watching and this homeless woman is walking up and down Fremont street. She finally stops in front of my booth and she drops her pants and starts pissing and starts taking a crap right in front of me. So metro rides their bike past, he does a double take, makes a U turn and goes back. He calls up two of his buddies and they are sitting there in a circle talking, having like a normal conversation, just having a good old time. In the middle of them is this homeless woman, finishing taking her dump. They couldn’t halling her off to jail in the middle of it. They had to wait for her to finish. So it’s that kind of thing that you will see when you are working at Fremont street. It’s like a normal thing but it is so many crazy weird stuff that happens.

Chris: You were talking about when you were a henna artist?

Heather: Yes, that was in –

Chris: That is what you used to see on Fremont street.

Heather: That was in early 2000s.

Chris: So it is safe to come down here now. That is a story from a good 15 years ago.

Heather: Yeah it is a story from 15 years ago. Just stay on Fremont.

Aaron: To be fair in that story it would still be safe. You would just have to avoid the person doing their business.

Heather: The puddle.

Aaron: Or the puddle.

Heather: The little stream.

Chris: Oh gross. But it happened. That is what downtown Las Vegas was.

Heather: Yeah.

Chris: You started as a henna artist. And then?

Heather: That was just one of my jobs. So another job I had, I would do two year old daycare teacher. I would watch kids. And then I did secretary work. So basically all the jobs I did didn’t pay very well. My boyfriend at the time convinced me to go into dealing. I didn’t want to be a dealer. I didn’t like casinos. I don’t like gambling. Why would I be a dealer? He was like you like math, and you like video games. These are like video games, they are like table games.

Okay you talked me into it. I will go. So I went to dealing school. The lady at the dealing, the owner and I did not get along at all. We had so many fights. She hated me so freaking much. So for example, it was a six week course, and the first week they taught us how to shuffle. So I am learning how to shuffle. I go home and I practice, you know practicing after like three days. I am like okay I can shuffle well enough that I want to go on to the next step. So I asked them, you know, okay, I want to learn how to cut the checks. She was like, “No, you have to do a whole week of shuffling and the next week we will do the checks, and the next week we will do something else.” I was like that is bull shit! I paid you money, I am good with shuffling. You can see that I shuffle. I shuffled for her. Now you are going to teach me how to do the checks or I want a refund. She didn’t like me at all.

Aaron: I don’t know why she didn’t like you? Totally reasonable.

Heather: Oh yea totally. Well see here is the thing, they charge so much money for dealer schools and they are not structured. It is students teaching other students and they don’t know what’s going on or what’s happening. It’s really a waste of money.

Aaron: But you have to do it to get your dealer certification, right?

Heather: It depends. It depends on where you live. In Las Vegas, no. You don’t need to go to dealing school to get a job as a dealer. All you need to do is pass the audition. So if you go home and you practice shuffling and you practice cutting checks you go to a breakin house, they don’t expect you to deal. That is not why they are hiring you. They are hiring you for your personality. If you can talk to people and you are inviting and you can keep the people at the table. Then they will teach you how to deal. But people don’t know this. So they spend $1000 going to dealing school and they are crap dealing schools that don’t teach them anything. Then they send them to the casino, and the casinos are going to have to teach them how to deal anyway. But now they are starting with all of these bad habits.

So after about a week of bumping heads together, she comes up to me one day and she is like, “Well you think you are such a hot shit, I got an audition for three of my best dealers over at the Gold Coast. You can go with them, do the audition and then you will see that you are not good and they are not going to hire you.”

I was like awesome! Thank you! So I go to the audition, we all do that. Out of the four of us I get hired and one other student gets hired. I was so freaking happy, I don’t have to see her ever again.

Chris: Nice!

Heather: Totally. So that is how I started dealing and Gold Coast was my breakin house.

Chris: Okay, and how long did you deal for?

Heather: I dealt for five years total. I was at the Gold Coast, the Rio. I was the poker dealer at the Sahara for like a little bit. I did the West Inn. I did the Golden Nugget. During this time, like I said I am really into video games. I was playing a lot of MMOs. For people out there that don’t know, and MMO are PG. It’s a massively multiplayer online role playing game. That takes up a lot of time, obviously. After a while I am like, I can’t sink all this time and effort into level 80 characters and I am not going to do anything besides rade with them.

So I started thinking, okay I need a hobby. At the time – I knew dealing, I knew how to deal table games. I knew there was a void on the internet. There was no place that you could go to find out how to deal. There was no place to find out the toke numbers of the different casinos, nothing like that. I was like okay, my hubby is to fill that void. I will just do it for fun. It will just be when ever I can do it I will do it. That is how Vegas Aces started.

Chris: Through a hobby.

Heather: Through a hobby, exactly like you.

Chris: What are tokes?

Heather: Tokes.

Aaron: I was just going to ask for listeners that didn’t know that.

Heather: I am sorry.

Chris: Yes for the listeners that don’t know.

Aaron: I mean I deal with those all of the time. For all our audience. What are they?

Heather: A toke is a slang word that the dealers use to express tips. A tip is a toke. The reason they use the word toke instead of tip is because toke is actually a shortened version of token of gratitude. That is what they used to use in the old days. Token of gratitude was shortened down to toke. So tips are also known as tokes. So when we say our toke numbers, we are talking about our tip numbers for that night.

Aaron: You don’t like verbal tokes though. You like tokes that you can hold in your hand.

Heather: Monetary tokes. Yes.

Aaron: Not, I appreciate you, thank you.

Chris: Thanks for the toke Aaron. I appreciate that.

Aaron: I am just talking randomly.

Heather: If a player just won $30,000 and they are like thank you! Then some dealers would be a little mad.

Aaron: I get that.

Chris: I am just curious. Have you had a crazy big tip from a player?

Heather: Let’s see. I used to deal to high rollers, so I guess that would be my biggest tip and that was about $5000 a hand. But he was betting $25,000 a hand so it was a small amount for him.

Aaron: But he tipped you $5000 a hand?

Heather: He would put the tip out in front and then we would play the hand tougher and then if he won I would win $10,000 and he would win $50,000.

Aaron: That’s pretty nice.

Chris: How long did the run go? How much did you make off of this one guy?

Heather: I was killing him so it wasn’t very much.

Chris: Ohhhh. Are you allowed to ask for it?

Heather: No! That would be called hustling a toke and you would get fired for it. So you were not allowed to hussle a toke at all.

Chris: Is it ok to ask a dealer, would you prefer it or do you want to play.

Heather: Yeah that is ok. The player can ask the dealer if they want to play or take it. But just so you know, the casinos require dealers to answer that they have to take it. The casinos require dealers to answer that way when they are asked that question. Some of them won’t. Some of them are like yea play it for me. But, policy and procedures are technically supposed to say I will take it and that is it and then drop it.

Chris: Just in case this needed clarification we are talking about tipping the dealer when you are playing a game.

Heather: Yes.

Chris: That is what we are referring to when you put your bet up on the table it is usually customary to also put a small bet up for the dealer. Especially if you are on a hot streak. It’s more than courteous. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is expected. But it is kind of one of those things where you should. Because if you are doing well your dealer should do well too.

Okay let’s go over to Vegas Aces because the story that you explained about dealing school makes all the sense in the world now. Given that you can give the information away online for free to help people come up.

Heather: Yes.

Chris: You are not required by law to have any certification or to go to school to get a dealering job in Vegas.

Heather: Correct.

Chris: So you are giving that information away for free online. Do you want to talk a little bit about the site?

Heather: Yeah sure. So it started off as a hobby but now it’s grown into something basically vegas-aces is the world's first free dealing trade school. We teach people how to play as well as deal casino table games. It’s completely for free. We try to help people get a job as a dealer without having to pay to go to school. That is basically the whole goal of Vegas Aces.

I have a YouTube channel and a website. The YouTube channel I have training videos on and Q & A videos, and interview videos. On the website I have a complete tutorial on how to play and deal table games. Everything written out with pictures as well as instruction manuals, flash cards, toke numbers, and just some other miscellaneous stuff.

Basically I just try to teach people to the best of my ability and try to help them in their career path. The whole reason why it is free is because if people are out there and they can’t afford to put food on the table and they need a job, how on earth are they going to pay $1000 out of pocket to go to school to get a job to support the family. They can’t.

Chris: Especially when it’s not necessary.

Heather: Yeah.

Aaron: So what about to get the interview though? One of the best things that I saw from your story or from what I heard from your story is that this dealing school set up the interview for you. Would this have been an interview that you could have gotten yourself. Or did you have a real step up?

Heather: Yes. The dealing schools do have connections with casinos that way they can set up appointments to do auditions but the casino does auditions anyway. So all you have to do is one, go to HR and fill out an application for a dealer. Then they will call you for an audition. Or two, you go into the casino, go to the pit, ask to speak to the shift manager and let him know you are looking for a job and you were wondering if you can get an audition. That is when he will be like, “Let’s set up an audition this time, go to HR and fill out an application so it’s already on file, I will see you at the audition.” And that is done. That is all you really need.

So anyone can do it. They think that they are paying for that. You know you don’t actually have to pay for that. You can just walk in and do it. But this is just for Las Vegas by the way. Now if you were a dealer on the east coast, there are some casinos that you have to go to their dealing school in order to work for their casino. And that is the only way you can do it.

So it really depends on what area you are at. With those people on the east coast, basically what it is is the casino will pay for your school and then you have to work a certain amount of time like three months, six months or a year. As a dealer for them without moving, and then the dealing school would be paid for. If you leave before that you would have to pay for the dealing school. That is how they do it in those places. Like I said, every single place is different. In London it is very hard to get a job as a dealer just walking in. You have to go to one of their schools.

Chris: So you have helped people come up. Through your school. Can you tell me stories about any of those people?

Heather: Sure. There was a guy named Ashley that didn’t know how to deal. He wanted to deal so he emailed me and watched my videos and everything. He ended up getting a job as a dealer in Atlantic City. So he is really happy about that.

In Russia there is a guy that owns a casino like party. What do you call it? One of those table game parties.

Chris: Like party rentals where you have someone come in to throw a casino night for you.

Heather: Exactly. Yeah. So they go to parties and they have roulette and craps and different table games and everything. So he uses my videos to help teach his dealers. He also get’s more information from my videos.

Dr. Mike Ahlgren was another one – professor from Penn State that I was interviewing. He uses my videos in his classes to teach his students. I have several dealing schools that actually use my videos in their schools. It’s sorta a pisser because it is like supposed to be free. I don’t really want you using my videos in your dealing school and you are charging people for it. You know! That is why I put up the disclaimer, “These videos were meant to be free, If you –” I have actually had people sell my videos. They download and sell them. It makes me so mad.

Chris: Is that actionable?

Heather: I have a copyright on them. I could do a cease and desist type of thing. I think it would cost me more money. Because I have the disclaimer on there, if someone said hey I paid for this video, then they could get their money back. That is what I have in the disclaimer, you know. If you paid money for this, you were ripped off. Please tell the person who ripped you off that you were ripped off. Kindly ask for your money back. That is not exactly what it says but it is basically what it says.

Aaron: That’s about the best you can do for this.

Heather: Exactly.

Chris: How did these people – not that it is expected, but just like when you are at the table dealing for someone, how do these people tip you or give you a toke back when they have a successful career? Do they end up doing anything for you?

Heather: Yeah. They offer their time and their energy for me. I have a couple of them – there is this one guy who is learning how to be a dealer. He just became a break in dealer. He used to be a like an Apple or Android App person where they make those apps, a programmer. He is doing me a favor and he is volunteering his time and effort to make basically a flash card app for Vegas Aces. I am starting to get more help and everything.

Chris: Very Nice.

Heather: Which by the way if anyone helps me, please email me at [email protected] because I could use the help.

Chris: We will definitely cover the plugs. Also anyone listening to this, this information will appear in the show notes. If you can’t write it down here you can go to facesandaceslv.com and we will definitely have all this info and links to all of Heather’s stuff in the show notes.

So let’s do a couple of stories. I know you have shared a few stories. Did we miss any that you needed to share?

Heather: OMG I have so many stories. I could talk for eight hours. That is what I would do. I would go and be a dealer. The way I would entertain was I would tell all my stories for my entire eight hour shift and that would be it. That is how many stories I would have.

Aaron: Right.

Chris: I mean I have eight hours. I am going to get comfortable here.

Heather: We are going to get some food, and some coffee. Do you want stories on cheating? Stories on naked people? Stories on bodily fluids?

Chris: Oh oh naked people! Naked people!

Heather: We can do that.

Chris: We can go with whatever story because we have been going for almost an hour now. I want to make sure to get whatever story you feel best to share. You are welcome to come back and share more stories if you like.

Heather: Awesome! I have plenty. One time I was dealing blackjack. I had a guy on my table and he was card counting. I only had one player at my table.

Chris: Let me stop you really quick. Just for those who don’t know what card counting is, card counting is a way to play blackjack and observe what cards come out so that way you can place your bet when you know that you are going to get more favorable cards. Also it is frowned upon by Vegas casinos because it gives more advantage to the player. Where technically it is not illegal to do but it is very frowned upon. You have probably heard the story where Ben Affleck asked not to play at certain casinos because he is really good at card counting.

Heather: Yeah.

Chris: I am sorry that is just for the people who don’t know what that is.

Heather: It’s ok. It’s not a problem. You are right it is not illegal. The casinos just don't like it and then they will throw you out. A lot of people don’t know this but casinos are actual private property. They can throw you out for trespassing. It’s not like a corporation, they have to have you in there. If they don’t want you in there they are just going to throw you out and keep you out.

So I had a guy on my table and he was card counting. My floorman came up to me after I shuffled the deck. He is like cut the deck in half. I was like, “What?” Because normally you cut the deck at one and a half decks in. That is where you put the cut card. He wanted me to put the cut card three decks in. So that is why I was like, what the heck are you talking about. He was like, “Don’t question it just do it.” Okay fine, so I do it. You know put it in, dealing. He tells me to do a few other procedures differently. I was like okay.

What happened was – obviously the guy was card counting. He was going from $500 to $10 to a $1000 to $20 that is a big sign that you are card counting. After about 20 minutes of this, security guards and metro police came to the table. The player stood up, put his hands behind his back, they handcuffed him, picked up his checks, went to the cashier cage to cash out the checks. He can keep the money. It’s not like he can’t keep the money.

So I am like, what the heck just happened? My floorman just told me that that is one of the MIT guys. Yeah! He is blacklisted from Las Vegas. When he entered the casino the facial recognition software from the cameras caught him, notified us. We had to call Metro and wait for Metro to come. That is when they hauled him off. He knew that and that is why he was obviously betting so much and card counting because he know whatever he had by the time they came was what he was going to leave with. He was trying to make as much money as possible before they arrested him. That is one story.

Another card counting thing is you know you are a card counter if you try to count cards on a table with a continuous shuffle machine. There have actually been people who have tried to do that. As a dealer you are like, seriously!!

Chris: How can you be so bright and so dumb?

Heather: Just because you can count cards doesn’t mean you can actually count cards. I had someone who actually told me, “I am counting cards! Do you think the casino will care?” I am like, “You just lost $2000 in less than an hour. No, I don't think they care. Count for as long as you want. I am sure the casino won’t care at all.” It really just depends. But yeah you see some crazy stuff as a dealer. OMG some crazy stuff.

Chris: Let me ask you this. Have you been creeped out by a guy?

Heather: Oh yeah!

Chris: What’s the weirdest creepy guy experience that you have had as a dealer.

Heather: I was at the Gold Coast. It was this 85 year old guy who wanted to be on my table for eight hours a day for a whole week. He wanted to tell me how his Viagra was working, and how I should come home with him and check it out and see. I had a full table of people. It wasn’t like it was me and him. It was a full table of people and he is freaking telling me this stuff for eight hours. He would follow me to my car. I had to have security walk me to my car. He followed me to my car and he knew where my car was and he knew my license plate. It was like, why can’t I have cute looking groupies?

Aaron: Cute stalkers.

Heather: Yeah I want cute stalkers. I don’t want old freaking dudes as stalkers.

Chris: Is that part of the reason that you stopped dealing?

Heather: No.

Chris: Why did you?

Heather: I really like the rules and regulations aspect of dealing. I like actually dealing the games. I wasn’t too fond of the players. You have to have a thick skin if you are going to deal. It is just you have to. There are so many drunks, and so many angry people that are basically blaming you for losing all of the money that they lost as they reach into their pocket and grab $500 more dollars to lose in the next hours. I was like, “I can’t help you dude!”

Chris: Yeah which by the way you forced them to do.

Heather: Yeah. Exactly. They blame it on you. You are the reason that my wife left me. You are the reason I am losing my house. I was like, I don’t think so.

Chris: Might as well blame your travel agent.

Aaron: Or travel site.com.

Heather: I actually had one guy who was a cop and he became a dealer. He was like, “I wasn’t jaded this much when I was a cop. I am more jaded now as a dealer than I ever was as a cop.” I am like, are you serious? And he is like, “Yeah as a cop you have some sort of level of control of the situation. As a dealer you have no control. You have to take it.”

Aaron: They are your clients.

Heather: Yeah. If the floorman is like tough shit I am leaving you at the table you have to deal with it. I have had people spit on me. I have had them throw ashtrays at me. I have had them throw cards at me. The ashtray one was fun. Okay, another story. So the guy was really pissed off because he was losing so much money. He was way drunk. So he grabbed his ashtray and threw it at me. Because he was so drunk I was actually able to dodge it because he was moving so slow. The ashtray hit my floorman, my six foot floorman, buff, muscle floorman. My floorman turns around and he is like who the hell just threw that. We are all pointing at him. This guy goes from being a macho, ass hole to a shriveling “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you.” My floorman comes over and he is like, “You have no problem hitting her, but you have a problem hitting me? Screw you we are escorting you out!” He got escorted out.

It is just like you have to take abuse. That is just part of being a dealer. You have to have a thick skin. That is just the physical part of it. Every single day they are blaming you, they are saying mean stuff about you, they are calling you names. It is just – those type of players are not the fun players. What was really fun was when I was a dealer and I had people at my table who didn’t care if they won or lost. They were just there to have fun. Those are the people I love. Because eight hours would go by like that. You just had fun all day talking to people from a different state. It was awesome. It was just those people, you know.

Chris: Yeah.

Heather: You just have different types of people when you deal.

Chris: Because my thing is I do have fun. I fear I am the talkie guy.

Heather: Oh that is fine. We love you. You are cool.

Chris: That is my fear when I sit down at the table. I don’t want to be a talkie guy but I love to strike up a conversation with any dealer or any player. I am saying what’s going on. That is part of the Vegas experience for me. For Aaron, not so much.

Aaron: I am the guy next to you that is like, “Why doesn’t this guy shut up? No one cares about your stories.”

Chris: Yeah. That is why we are friends.

Aaron: Just deal and we will share pleasantries. But I don’t need your whole story. Never going to see you again.

Heather: Yeah.

Aaron: But that is just me.

Heather: I had one guy at my table who was not like you, but was an extreme version of you. He didn’t want me to say anything at all. I was talking to some other person. It was like another player. He comes up to the table and I am in the middle of talking to this person. He basically says to me, “Don’t you know women should be seen and not heard?” I was like, “Really! Well, in that case I am going to tell you every single story that I can possibly think of and I am not going to shut my mouth until you leave.” Which is exactly what happened. So sometimes it helps to be a bit of a smart ass when you are a dealer.

Aaron: Did you get in trouble for that?

Heather: I have never gotten in trouble. I have been a smart ass to a lot of players where I probably should have gotten in trouble and I didn’t. The floorman usually do a good job trying to protect you. They will usually side with you if you are in the right. They will usually say to the player, “Oh we will write that dealer up or reprimand the dealer.” They will pull us aside and say they really are not going to, just if they ask say they did.

Aaron: Follows up and asks. I told on you yesterday. Did they follow up with you about your behavior when I was rude to you?

Heather: Yeah exactly. Exactly. They usually try to protect us.

Aaron: It’s good that they have your back. Because with all of these things, if they don’t have your back, if your support team doesn’t have your back, then it really makes a bad situation.

Heather: Exactly. One of my co-workers, this was his story, it isn’t mine. He was dealing and it was with an angry player. So he was upset that he lost a lot of money, and he ended up punching the dealer. Reaching across the table and punching the dealer. The dealer kept his calm, dealt the next hand, comes around deals the next set of hands and as soon as he got to the guy that punched him leans over and punches him right in the face. He did not get into trouble. The floorman was like well he punched you, you punched him, I think we are pretty fair here. You know.

Chris: Yes.

Heather: You know the player wasn’t happy about that. They ended up escorting him out because of the scene he caused.

Chris: And for assault.

Heather: Yeah right! The dealer obviously could have pressed charges for assault. Instead he was like, you know I will take care of this. Bamb!

Chris: I love the way he handled it. The only thing I would add to it I would add a bad pun like, how was that for dealing a hand? I have watched way to many 80’s movies.

Heather: I love it!

Aaron: I was trying to think of a better pun but I couldn’t. That was the best.

Chris: Now I am just getting silly.

Heather: It’s awesome.

Chris: Let’s save more if you don’t mind coming back?

Heather: Okay cool. Awesome. I have a ton of stories.

Chris: That is fantastic. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I want to give you time to plug or promote.

Heather: Just basically if you want to learn how to play or deal any table game come to my website vegas-aces.com. We have flashcards on there, instruction manuals, how to guides. Then my YouTube channel Vegas Aces. Please come check me out.

Chris: Not only check out the site but if you find any of that information useful make sure you tip your dealer.

Heather: Yes please. Go to Patreon.com/Vegasaces. It is a way to basically support the content that you love. If you love what you see and you love the fact that I am keeping it free for everyone and you can afford $1 or $2 extra. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Aaron: I would go so far as to say even if you don’t love it, even if you don’t like it, even if you hate it, go ahead and give a couple of dollars, she will still take your money.

Heather: I am a dealer of course I will. It’s part of being a dealer.

Chris: I would like to add to that, maybe you are not doing it for you but by keeping it afloat means that she can keep teaching other people who might be interested in supporting their families. Chip in if you can. Also did you say Twitter?

Heather: Yes I am on Twitter, Facebook.

Chris: Periscope is one of the features that you provide to your Patreon donors?

Heather: Yes that is correct. Also if you know of anyone that needs a job. Who needs something at least $30,000 a year then please send them over to me at their website. I can teach them how to deal and they can get a job and make more money than say working at a gas station. Send them my way.

Chris: Thanks so much for hanging out with us. Had a great time.

Heather: Thank you!

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