Paying Rainbow Bets, Bad Credit & Working Stacks

Paying Rainbow Bets

A blackjack table full of multi-colored bets

Q: “I’m getting the hang of things, but I slow down a lot when paying out bets with different denominations. I guess I’m looking for ways to cut corners that would generally be accepted during an audition. Here’s a picture of the payout that would slow me down. What is the easiest way to pay out all of these bets? Are there any shortcuts that an experienced dealer would use for these payouts?”

A: When dealing table games, usually I found that there were no generally accepted short-cuts for anything. The casino will want you to execute house procedure in a fast and an efficient way. “Short-cuts” are commonly frowned upon by the industry.

In the video, I used the picture provided, to recreate the hand using the same bets, and I paid that round like I would if I were dealing.

There is an alternative way to pay this that is also correct.

If you ever have a black cheque or higher, the casino will want you to pay that bet color-for-color. That way you have to size into the bet because paying color-for-color on a high denomination cheque cuts down on the number of mistakes and thefts that can occur. Don’t convert the bet unless your floorman or casino instructs you to do otherwise. The reason why is because the dealer could “accidentally” convert the bet in favor of the player.

Bad Credit

Q: “So with bad credit I shouldn’t even attempt to apply for a dealing job. Darn it.”

A: Your credit score is just one of many factors that the casinos will look at, before they hire you. The casino will not reject you based on your credit score alone. Usually the credit score is one of many deciding factors when management concludes who their new future employees will be.

The reason why the casinos look at the credit score of their potential employees is because, from their perspective, they think that if someone has bad credit and is hurting for money than those people would be more likely to steal from the corporation.

Now, if you have bad credit, don’t let this stop you from applying for a job. Remember, if the casino likes you than they’ll hire you with or without bad credit. And how do I know this? Because I had bad credit and I still got hired.

Remember to tip your dealer!

Working Stacks

Q: “In regards to bank management, if a player sits down and asks for $200 in change, do you pay the $200 with the “working chips” in the right columns of your bank, or do you use the chips that are already arranged in sets of 20 on the left side of your bank?”

A: First, when I use the term “Working Stack” I’m referring to the multiple cheques that have already been lost and are now locked up in the rack. All of this dirty money, which is usually sprinkled with different colored cheques, should not be used until after it has been reorganized into clean stacks. A “Clean Stack” is a stack of 20 cheques of the same denomination.

One of the jobs as a dealer is to reorganize your working stack after every hand and before you start a new one. That way, when the player asks you for change, your working stacks have already been reorganized and you are ready to pay him with a clean stack.

If the customer wants change while you are in the middle of a hand, then never pay the customer with your working stack. Always pay him with a clean stack.

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