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Q: “Are Pit Bosses promoted from Dealers? If not, how does one become a Pit Boss?” ~Nathan

A: Yes, Pit Bosses and Floor Supervisors are usually promoted from the Dealer position. However, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a dealer for very long before being promoted to Floor Supervisor. The shortest turnover time I’ve seen is 6 months. The reason why is because there’s a shortage of people who want to be in casino management. This is because management usually gets paid the same amount or less than casino dealers but they have more responsibilities, more hours worked and more paperwork to do. If a person wants to get into casino management, they need to first be a dealer. Plus, this experience will help them later on in their career. If you or anyone you know wants to get in this industry, then go to the Articles section . Here you can learn how to deal blackjack for free and with that knowledge, you can get hired as a casino dealer and then move your way up the ladder.

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