Should the Dealer Have Any Input on How the Player Plays their Hand?

Quick Question

Q: “Did you ever try to subtly warn a player it was time to leave the table because you knew it was going badly for them if they stayed?” ~Nathan

A: It was anything but subtle. When I was a dealer, I would blatantly, outright tell the players that they might do better if they tried a different table or took a break for a while. Now, technically, the casinos don’t like it when you do this, but I was being my normal self and sometimes the players would appreciate it and take my advice, other times they would get mad at me for suggesting it and then there were the times I’d get in trouble for saying it.

Why did I get in trouble for that? Because casinos want their dealers to stay out of the player’s decision making process. It’s the player’s choice to sit at that table and gamble all of their money away, not the dealers. Plus, the only way the casinos, hence the dealers, make money is if there are people gambling on the table. So learn from my mistakes and don’t get involved unless you want to get in trouble from either the casino or from the players.

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