Break-In Houses

Questions & Answers

Q: “What is the entry-level casino?”

A: The term “Break-In House” refers to a casino where dealers can learn their trade. Because every casino is different, that also means that every break-in house is different too. As with everything in life, some are better and some are worse. But it also depends on where you live. If you live on the east coast, break-in houses are casinos that will hire you based on your personality and then send you to school for a few weeks to learn how to deal. In these instances, there’s usually a monetary contract between the employer and the break-in dealer based on a certain length of time.

If you live in Las Vegas, then the break-in houses include the Gold Coast and most of the downtown casinos. For example the Plaza and El Cortez. There is another way to break in but you have to be a beautiful female. As Party Pits become more popular, the need for beautiful dealers has also increased. Once you’ve been hired by a Party Pit, you always have the option to transfer with-in the company and get a job as a normal dealer.

All break-in houses hire their dealers based on their personality and then they are willing to teach them how to deal. Why is that? Because you can teach anyone how to deal but the dealer’s personality is what keeps a player on the table and it’s very difficult to change a person’s personality.

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