Top 10 Most Bizarre Types of Casino Players

“Curiouser and curiouser” cried Alice as she glanced around the casino room, only to find bizarre and peculiar characters surrounding her.

casino chips in the background with the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts

Just as in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, most casinos are littered with offbeat, funny and outlandishly weird personalities, providing hours of entertaining stories from unexpected bystanders. Here’s a top ten list of the most bizarre types of people you’ll see in a casino:


If They Did it in the Hangover, Then it Must Be Legal

These are usually young people, who’ve seen way too many Las Vegas movies. It’s their first time in the city and they think they can act crazy, just like their favorite movie characters.


This Leaf Smokes Nicely

These people will drink, smoke, snort, pop, huff and inject almost anything, just so long as it alters their reality and gets them high . Some people are so brazen that they’ll actually take these drugs right there on the casino table. These people are a trip to watch as they hallucinate all sorts of crazy scenarios.


Player Beware, You’re in for a Scare

These are often young poker players with big egos and big mouths to follow. They think they’re the next big poker superstar as they play every pot and run over the table. The best thing to do with these kind of people is to turn their annoyance into your advantage. They commonly don’t play poker very well, which means you have the ability to make a profit from them.


The Party Animal that Never Stops Partying

These are typically first time visitors, customarily younger people, who think they’re going to party for the next 48 hours. Full of energy, they can be rambunctious, take risks, make all kinds of noise as they enter the room and they expect there to be a party happening where ever they go, even if it’s in the middle of a casino pit at 4am.


We’re All Mad Here

Just like their ferocious namesake, these people thrive on being hostile and vile to everyone around them. They viciously attack with no remorse and their derogatory remarks cut right to the bone. These type of people takes Trolling to a whole new level.


Drunkard Dormouse Dozing Off in the Drink

Alcoholics are unpredictable and swing between the extremes. You never know what to expect; they could be passed out on the table or casino floor; picking a fight with the dealer, or doing something unthinkably crazy, such as trying to climb on the blackjack table because they want to mimic the Dancing Dealers.


Disappearing and Reappearing at Awkward Times

These people are drunk, on drugs, or so preoccupied with the glam of the city that they don’t notice, or don’t even care, about their embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, providing everyone else with an eye-opening experience. A couple examples include one or both breasts that have popped out of a dress and both women and men wearing way too short skirts with no underwear, exposing everything.


F**ing like Rabbits*

It’s well known that certain types of people enjoy having sex in public places, whether that’s a restaurant, movie theater or a casino. What’s even more interesting is when you’re the person who walks around the corner to see a woman sitting on a man’s lap having sex and to top it all off she’s playing the slot machine at the same time.


They Say it’s Good Luck if a Bird Shits on You

People in this category have no qualms about defecating and urinating in public . The blame is always placed somewhere else, whether it was the alcohol that made them try to pee in that beer bottle or the fact that they were on a winning streak and that’s why they shat in their pants instead of leaving that hot craps table to go to the bathroom.


Royalty Thinking They Can Get Away with Murder

High-Rollers come to the casino with a certain expectation that their every whim and desire will be fulfilled and any bad behavior will be tolerated; especially since they’re playing with hundreds of thousands of dollars for the weekend. These requests range from reasonable to the absurd and the stories hostesses tell about their clients range from the incredible, to the unbelievable, to the totally bizarre.

Wonderland is a place filled with colorful lights, bizarre creatures and never ending surprises, similar to a casino. You never know what you’re going to see or who you’re going to meet. This article is just the tip of the ice berg since the list of bizarre characters is never ending. If you want to add to this list, then email me at [email protected] and tell me your thoughts.

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