What’s the Difference between Online Casinos & Live Dealer Casinos?

Surprisingly, there’s not much difference between the two since Live Dealer Casinos are a subcategory of Online Casinos. Think of them as two sides of the same coin and as with everything in life, both options have its pros and cons. It just depends on what the player is looking for. The term “Online Casino” is used to describe a cyber software company that carries a variety of internet games while conveying a casino-like atmosphere. Currently, there are two main types of internet casino games that people can choose from.

The first side of the coin is the typical Online Casino that hosts regular internet casino table games operated by a random number generator. In this environment, the customer does not interact with any other human beings. This is a great option for introverts, anti-social people, folks who don’t live near a casino and anyone else who can’t physically go play at a casino. In addition, Online Casinos tend to be cheaper with their lower limit games of $1 to $3, plus players don’t have to worry about tipping dealers, which saves them money in the long run. Playing an Online Casino means the player has total control over the pace of their game and they can take as long or as short as they want during or after their hand. This is great for both speed demons who want to rush through each hand and multi-taskers who want to pause the game every few minutes because their distracted by multiple things. There are also more tables to choose from since providing digital games is much easier than supplying actual tables with real life dealers dealing them, which leads me to our next subject.

The second side of the coin is a Live Dealer Casino that provides an actual real-life, living, breathing casino dealer to deal the game, by hand, while interacting with several bona fide customers. Customers have the pleasure of interacting with real human beings as they play their favorite casino table game, like blackjack . One of the perks to a Live Dealer casino is the fact that dealers use real casino cards as they shuffle and deal out the hand. Several clients don’t trust the random number generator and gravitate more towards Live Dealer Casinos for that reason. This Live Dealer action is commonly streamed directly from a land based casino to the consumer’s home. Some players feel that this provides a more authentic gaming experience delivered in an elegant casino atmosphere. The customer has the pleasure of interacting with real human beings as they play their favorite casino table game. Some casinos even have two dealers on the table, keeping the conversation moving and creating a party-like atmosphere. However, keep in mind that this human interaction is passed through a group chat box first. The dealers can talk with each other and they can talk to players but the players can only communicate through this designated group chat box. Just because players are using a chat box to have a conversation with people, doesn’t mean they can conduct themselves in a poor manner as they hide behind their computer screen. Customers are expected to adhere to the terms of agreement and just as if they were playing in a brick and mortar establishment, they’re expected to follow the company’s rules and respect the people that they play with. There’s no swearing, screaming, sexual harassment or any sort of rudeness allowed. It’s expected that consumers practice proper casino etiquette at all times.

Players will need to set aside more money to play with since Live Dealer Casinos tend to be a bit more expensive. They have higher limit tables and real dealers need real tips, but all this makes sense seeing as how they have to pay people’s salaries, they have to buy equipment, plus all of that overhead compared to Online Casinos. The minimum bet on a Live Dealer Casino is commonly $5 per hand and let’s not forget a little extra money in order to tip the dealer. Live Dealers live off their tips just like normal dealers do, and that’s why players are given the option to tip. Another similarity to land based casinos is that the customer isn’t able to pause the game to check their phone or run to the bathroom. They can sit out a hand but then they risk missing that potential win. Considering that this is broadcasted from a land based casino, it’s reasonable to understand that they must keep the game moving with or without the guest. The more hands the casino can get in per hour, the more money they make. This is also the reason why they put time limits on the player’s decisions, that’s why it’s typically a good idea to set aside a dedicated amount of time for this type of entertainment.

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