Joining the Online Live Dealer Workforce

Las Vegas casinos are considered to be the gold standard, but there’s a wide variety of establishments to choose from. Casinos are on cruise ships, there are mobile casino parties, table games are located in the shallow end of the casino pool, and in the early 2000’s Louisiana had Treasure Bay Casino located in what looked to be like a pirate ship. Unfortunately Katrina’s wrath led it to its eventual demise. Even the age of the internet has added to this selection with virtual casinos. Players can either play in an all-digital casino where winners are determined by a random number generator, also known as Online Casinos. Or they can play in a virtual casino on their computer, where the actual game is being dealt out by a real dealer in a brick-and-mortar casino located somewhere on this Earth, also known as Online Live Dealer Casinos.

The only common factor between Online Casinos and Online Live Dealer Casinos is that they both operate through an app or computer software. Otherwise the differences between the two are striking. When playing Online Casinos, there is no human contact with anyone at all. It’s just you and the game. With Online Live Dealer Casinos, you can interact with the dealer, casino staff and other players through chat. Behind the Scenes look at a Online Live Dealer Casino Online Casinos have a built-in random number generator which determines who wins and who loses. While Online Live Dealer Casinos have real people, shuffling real cards and the outcome of the game is based on chance. Online Casinos are cheaper to play at since they have low limits and there’s no dealer that needs to be tipped. Online Live Dealer Casinos are more expensive since they have higher table limits and tips are a good portion of the game presenter’s salary. And last but not least, the pacing of the game is different. Online Casinos allow you to take as much time as you need, so if you need that long bathroom break, you can take it worry-free. Whereas Online Live Dealer Casinos operate like a real casino and therefore must get out a certain number of hands-per-hour. If you need to take some time away from the game, there is no pause button. Dealers will continue dealing out the hands to all of the other players. In this previously written article, I examined the differences between Online Casinos and Online Live Dealer Casinos in more detail.

In order to play at a Online Live Dealer Casino, players will need to download an app or software provided by that casino’s website. These types of games will either be labeled as “Live Dealer” or “Live Casino”. Once you have found a live dealer game that interests you, you can either watch or join in by clicking on the table and placing your bet. Just as if you were in a regular casino, the dealer will deal you in on the next hand. In the early days of Online Live Dealer Casinos, customers would express concerns that these video were pre-recorded and not actually occurring in the present. Casinos have adapted and now, as a way to prove that all hands are happening in real-time, a TV is turned on in the background with a live news feed playing constantly. A good tip is to read the policy carefully before signing up. If your Wi-Fi drops in the middle of a game, the hand will be played out according to that casino’s disconnection policy. According to the Wizard of Odds, Ezugi and Evolution Gaming are among the best Online Live Dealer Casinos in the world.

To some, being a game presenter sounds like a pretty sweet job. They never have to worry about making a mathematical error since they don’t handle any monetary transactions and there’s less stress since they’re not physically interacting with vulgar guests who might be an arm’s length away from throwing the first punch. But how does one actually go about getting a job at a Online Live Dealer Casino? Every casino is different, so let’s focus on the two best Online Live Dealer Casinos that the Wizard of Odds recommended. Behind the Scenes look at a Live Dealer Casino After an in-depth investigation into both Ezugi and Evolution Gaming, the first and most important thing you should know is, they’re just like every other casino in this world. They’re looking to hire people with good personalities, who are friendly, personable; works well with others and has good communication and customer service skills. After that, any experience level is welcome. They’ll train you, giving you all the information and skills you need before stepping onto the casino floor. Expect to learn more than one game because the more games you know the more valuable you are as a dealer. Before starting, you’ll be expected to provide a valid form of ID or a passport. The company will conduct a background check with the police department confirming you have no felony convictions, or they’ll ask you to provide a valid Police Conduct Certificate. You’ll also need one reference letter from your last employer, or teacher if you happen to be a student with no work history. Fluency in one or more languages is highly desired since these companies have studios located all around the world, catering to a variety of different cultures and languages. Some of these studios are located in the United States, Costa-Rica, Latvia, Malta, Canada, Bulgaria and Israel.

Compensation and benefits can be generous depending on the casino. The dealer’s base pay is a fixed amount; however dealers can earn extra cash through numerous bonuses and gifts awarded to them. Some staff grumbles about the long hours but overtime pay is available. Several casinos offer a relocation package, which includes paying for your flight, picking you up at the airport and driving you to your new temporary apartment. The apartment is free for the first three weeks and the company will help you look for a more permanent place to live starting the first week you’re there. During those three weeks, new employees will be transported to the casino’s trade school where dedicated instructors will teach students how to deal multiple games. Students are given plenty of opportunities to practice and make-up courses are available. A few casinos offer workshops that focus on communication, modeling, make-up, and how to be an entertainer. They’ll also host regular team building activities and events. Plus, they give employees free membership to a gym. If you need a change in scenery and this sounds intriguing to you, then apply at Evolution Gaming or Ezugi today. It’s a great way to see the world without getting seasick.

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