The Wynn Tips Controversy: Court Papers

Are Dealers Unionized in Las Vegas?

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Dealers in Las Vegas have tried to unionize before but largely failed. When Steve Wynn changed the dealers tipping policy in 2006 that brought back the drive to unionize.

No local union was willing to go against Steve Wynn until the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) stood up and supported the dealers. It has taken years for the dealers in Las Vegas to get together, sign their union cards and then have a vote for a union. The casinos have been using strong union busting tactics to stop the union from growing and its worked because all but two casinos voted no for a union. In 2010 Caesar’s Palace and Wynn voted for a union. (Sun)

Right-to-Work Law

The Right-to-Work law makes it illegal to refuse employment to a person for the sole reason that he or she is not a union member. (

Nevada is a Right-to-Work state. (NRS 613.230 - NRS 613.300) This means that dealers who vote to have a union get a labor contract that effects all the dealers at that casino, but only the dealers who actually want to be members have to pay dues.

At-Will Employee

Nevada is an at-will employment state. Under this system, your employer may fire you for any reason and at any time with a few exceptions. The exceptions include terminating your employment because of your race, age, sex, national origin, pregnancy, or disability. You may also be exempt from employment-at-will if you signed an employment contract with your employer or you are covered by a collective bargaining agreement. ( ) ( Wikipedia )

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