How to Case Your Table Layout

Casing the layout means looking the layout of your table to observe what’s going on. Pay attention to your players. Make sure that there is nothing on that table that shouldn’t be there.

What to Look For

When casing the layout, the dealer should make sure that only approved items are on the casino table. Approved items include drinks, ashtrays, cigarettes or cash. Unapproved items that should be taken off the table immediately are cell phones, purses, sunglasses, and food.

What are their habits? Do they always bet the same amount?

Before the cards are dealt, the dealer will inspect every bet, making sure it’s a legal bet. The cheques must be in between the table minimum and maximum and they must be stacked neatly with the highest denomination on bottom and the smallest denomination on top.

Prevent Cheating

If there is a confusing situation and the dealer is unsure as to what the player’s bet is, then the dealer should get the player to commit to what it is before starting the next hand. Memorize each player’s bet so that way when it’s time to pay everyone, you’ll know how much you’ll need to pay out.

If the players bet starts off at $15 and at the end of the hand it’s $40 you know the player past posted.

Casing the layout will help stop many cheating maneuvers such as Past Posting. At the beginning of the hand, the dealer should take note of each of the player’s bets and memorize these amounts, especially on 1st and 3rd base.

At the end of the hand, the dealer should make sure these numbers match when they go to pay the players. This will help catch Past Posters. Talk with your floor supervisor before you start your shift and verify what signal you both want to use as a way to discreetly notify the floor supervisor that something is going on that needs his attention.

When Should You Case the Layout?

When casing the layout on Roulette, the dealer should case the layout before each spin, making sure that all bets are positioned correctly, there are no bets that or over or under the table limits, no bets that can be misinterpreted and making sure everything looks up to par.

The dealer should also take note of which bets are places where and how much is there. This helps the dealer later on if someone past posts.

The dealer will find it odd that a $30 bet just turned into a $105 bet on the 1st Column. The Columns and the third dozen of the wheel is in a vulnerable positioned and should be watched more closely because of it. On craps, you want to case the layout before the dice leave the center of the table. On the Big 6, case your layout before you spin the wheel. On any other game you want to case the layout before the first card comes out indicating a new hand.

Notice Odd Distractions

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, distractions are a huge red flag that something’s not right. Be alert at all times and never let any of the table leave your sight. Be vigilant. Players might try to distract the dealer or pull their attention over to 3rd or 1st base, while the other side is pinching the bet or executing a variety of cheating moves. Or they may do this when the player is cutting the deck.

That’s why dealers should always be aware of unusual behavior, shocking questions or any other odd distractions. If a distraction happens make sure the dealer stays focused and alert and will always keep the entire table in view, or continue casing the layout, as they handle the situation.

Distractions might include:

  • spilled drinks,
  • embarrassing, way too personal, or shocking questions,
  • or two players getting into a fight on the table.

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