North Carolina Toke Board

Harrah's Cherokee

Date Notes
2018 November - Dealers base wage is $5.35 per hour.
2018 November - Dealers base wage increases every year depending on performance. This can range from 1% - 5%.
2018 November - Everytime a dealer learns a new core casino game and demonstrates proficiency, they get a $0.25 raise. Carnival Games are not included.
2018 November - Dealers average around $20 - $22 per hour in tokes.
2018 November - New dealers always start off as Part-Time (or Extra-Board) and will need to work on average around 6 months and must have 2 table games under their belt (including Carnival Games) before dealers are allowed to apply for Full-Time.

General Information
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Date Notes
2016 The only 2 casinos in North Carolina are averaging about $150 per day or less in tokes.
2016 It's normal for the dealers to do hour 20's.