Word Category Definition
Wager Casino This is a bet the player will make.
Washing the Deck Casino Also known as Chemmy Shuffle, this is a form of shuffling. The dealer will mix up the cards by spreading them face down on the table and with both hands, make a circular motion therefore mixing up the cards.
Wave Off The Table Roulette The dealer will sweep their arm over the top of the board to signify that there will be no more bets. They have to do this to make the spin legal and also to show the cameras that there are no more bets.
Waving Casino This is when a player crimps the cards creating a wave effect so it's easier to spot. This is cheating.
Well Poker This is a designated area inside the Float Tray to store a deck of cards.
Whale Dealers Also known as a High Roller; this is a person who gambles large amounts of money.
World Bet Craps This is a combonation of proposition bets that consist of 2, 3, 11, 12, and Any Seven. Or, in other words, a bet covering the Horn and the number "7" in five equal amounts.
Working Bets Craps Dealers These are bets that are in action at all times. "On" is another term used to indicate that the customer's bets are working.
Working Stacks Craps Dealers These are the stacks of chips that are located directly in front of the dealer and they're the chips the dealer uses when taking and paying bets.