Word Category Definition
Sand Blackjack When the player marks the edges of the card with sandpaper.
Scratch Blackjack When the player scratches the table in order to indicate a Hit.
Second (2nd) Base Dealers Also known as Center Field. This is the player's betting position at the table, and second base is directly in the center.
Seconds Dealers This is when the dealer deals the second card from the deck instead of the top card. This is cheating.
Seven (7) Day Split Dealers This is when the dealers tips are pooled together for the past 7 days and then split equally amoung all the dealers who worked during that period.
Seven-Out Craps This is after a point has been established, the dice are thrown and a total of "7" is shown.
Shadowed Dealers This is when the primary dealer will stand to the side and watch the second dealer deal the game, making sure that the game is dealt properly.
Shield Roulette This is a section of the roulette wheel. It's the plastic around the wheel that protects the wheel head.
Shill Casino This is an employee of the casino who is paid to gamble with the casino's money to help stimulate the game.
Shiner Dealers This is a mirrored device that is used by cheaters, with the purpose of reflecting the dealer's hole card.
Shoe Blackjack This is the delivery device dealers use to deal multiple decks. It is located on the dealer's left hand side.
Shooter Craps This is the person rolling the dice. In order to be the shooter the player must have a Pass Line or Don't Pass Line bet.
Short-Buy Poker This is when the player purchases chips that are less then the table minimum. Short-buys are only available to players who have already bought in for the required minimum amount.
Showdown Poker After everyone is done betting, the remaining players will show their cards and a winner is determined.
Shuffle Casino This is the process of mixing the cards by using varios techniques, including riffling, stripping, and boxing.
Shy Casino This is a bet that lacks the required amount needed in order to play a hand. In other words, it's a bet that's under the minimum amount.
Side Pot Poker This is a separate Pot created because one or more players are All-In.
Side Strippers Casino This is when a cheater tapers or sands the card for identification.
Sleeper Casino This is money left on the table, by the player who has forgotten about it.
Slug Dealers This is when a dealer shuffles and leaves a group or block of cards unshuffled.
Small Blind Poker The smaller amount of the two forced pre-flop bets.
Snake Eyes Craps Also known as Aces, this is when both dice are showing one spot up.
Soft Casino This is paper currency.
Soft Hand Blackjack This is a hand with an ace in it that can be either one total or another.
Sorting Blackjack This is when the dealer picks up the cards in a certain way, so that order is preserved, just in case the floor needs to Back Up the Cards.
Spindle Roulette This is a section of the roulette wheel. It holds the Head to the hub.
Splashing the Pot Poker This is when the player throws chips, whether accidentally or deliberately, near the main pot, which results in a co-mingling of funds, therefore making it hard to determine how much the original bet was.
Split Blackjack The player can only split their hand if their two cards are the same face value. Then they can place an equal bet next to their original bet and play two seperate hands.
Split Roulette This bet covers two numbers and it pays 17 to 1.
Square Dealer This is when the dealer straightens the cards or deck.
Stacked Deck Casino This is a deck of cards that have been pre-arranged in a certain way that guarantees the player a winning deck.
Stake Craps This is the amount of money that a player has available for playing a game.
Stay Blackjack This is when the player decides not to draw another card and stays with what he has.
Stay Casino This can be a general term used on different table games. This is when the player decides to take no action with their hand.
Steam Casino This is when a player is betting larger and larger bets, usually when he is on a losing streak.
Stickperson Craps This is the dealer who controls the dice with the stick.
Stiff Casino This is a player that wins but doesn't tip the dealer.
Store Casino Also known as a House; this is slang for casino.
Straight Poker This is a hand where all of the cards are in sequence.
Straight Flush Poker This is a hand where all of the cards are in sequence and they are also all in the same suit.
Straight Up Roulette This a type of bet that is in the middle of the number and it only covers that one number. If you win the payout is 35 to 1.
Streak Casino Also known as Run, this is when someone wins or loses multiple hands in a row.
Street Roulette This is a bet that covers three numbers and it pays 11 to 1.
Strip Dealers This is one out of many maneuvers dealers use to shuffle. This is when the dealer takes the top portion off the deck and strips that into smaller portions. Then they put the remaining deck on top.
Strip, The Las Vegas This is a slang term for Las Vegas Boulevard, where most of the casinos are located.
Stroker Dealers This is a person who looks for a new or bad dealer. They play at that dealers section and they call out crazy or confusing bets that are normally not made. If the dealer pays the Stroker over the payout amount the Stroker won’t say anything and he will take the money. But if the dealer pays under you know the Stroker will be screaming about how he was robbed and how the dealer should know his numbers and pay him the correct amount.
Stub Poker This is the remaining portion of the deck after all of the cards have been dealt.
Sub Casino This is a device worn under the clothes by cheaters and dealers that conceal stolen chips.
Suit Cards This is the grouping of symbols and colors that are located on playing cards. For Example: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades.
Sweating the Money Dealers Also known as a Bleeder; this is usually a casino supervisor who worries about players winning.
Sweep Roulette This is a way to clear all of the losing bets off the layout.
Sweeten a Bet Casino This is when the player legally adds cheques to his bet before the cards have been dealt.
Swing Shift Dealers The typical swing shift for dealers is between 8pm to 4am. Every casino is different and the swing shift starting time can range from 5pm to 10pm.
System Casino This is a plan or scheme a player has devised to try and win money.


Word Category Definition
Table Marker Casino Also known as a Call Bet; this is when a player makes a bet without putting up any money .
Take A Shot Casino Also known as Make a Move; this is an action made by a player to gain an advantage or cheat the casino.
Take Out Dealers This is a term used when telling a dealer what table to go to. "Take out Pai-Gow 5".
Tap Out Dealers This is when the incoming dealer taps the outgoing dealer’s left shoulder. This is usually done when the dealer needs to leave the table.
Tap Out Poker Also known as All-In, this is when the player bets all of their money on one hand.
Three (3) Way Craps Craps This is a bet made with units of three. One unit goes on 2, one unit goes on 3 and one unit goes on 12. This is just like a Horn Bet, except without the 11.
Third (3rd) Base Casino This is the last spot next to the dealer's immediate right or it is the last player to play a hand before it's the dealer's turn.
T.I.S. Casino The T.I.S. stands for Table Inventory Slip.
Tie Casino When both sides have the same value hand and there is a draw. The dealer will push the hand and the bet will neither be paid or taken away.
Tokes Dealers Also known as Zuks; this is slang for the dealer's tips. The word Toke comes from the phrase "tokens of gratitude".
Toke Box Dealers This is the box that is attached to the table that dealer’s put their tips into.
Toke Committee Dealers This is a group of dealers who are voted into the committee by all the other dealers in the house. This group collects the tips, counts them, figures out how much money each dealer gets and then fills out all the required paperwork.
Top Line American Roulette This is a bet that covers the first five numbers, which are 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3. It pays 6 to 1.
Top Line European Roulette This is a bet that covers the first four numbers, which are 0, 1, 2, and 3. It pays 8 to 1.
Top Peek Dealers This is a technique where the dealer flashes the top card so the player can cheat.
Track Roulette This is a section of the Roulette wheel. It's the groove in which the ball is spun.
Tray Casino This is the tray that holds the dealer's bankroll. It is located directly in front of the dealer.
Trey Craps Also known as Ace-Deuce, this is when the dice are showing a total of three.
Tucked Cards Blackjack This is a term used when the player slides the corner of their cards under their chips and that signifies that they are staying.
Turn Card Poker Also known as the 4th Street; this is the fourth out of five cards that is turned over so it is face up on the board.
Two Way Bet Casino This is when a bet is split between the player and the dealer.