Word Category Definition
Quarters Casino Also known as Green, Greens or Green Chips; these are $25 chips.


Word Category Definition
Rabbit Hunting Poker This is when the player wants to see a card that he would have received, had he called the bet; which is not allowed. This practice can also cause ill feelings amongst the players.
Rack Dealers This is the metal container on the table right in front of the dealer. It holds all of the chips & coins and it's the casino's bankroll.
Raise Poker This is when a player increases the size of his bet, forcing the rest of the players to match that amount if they wish to continue playing the hand.
Rake Poker Also known as Commission, this is the act of taking a percentage of the pot and giving it to the house, as payment for hosting the game.
Rat Hole Casino This is when a player places chips in his pocket while playing on the game.
Readers Casino This is a marked card.
Red Chip Casino Also known as Red, Reds or Nickels; this is a $5 chip.
Riffle Dealers This is one out of many maneuvers dealers use to shuffle. This is usually what people think of when they hear the word "shuffle".
Rim Casino This is slang for credit play.
Rim Roulette This is a section of the wheel. It's the top of the bowl, the flat part, where the cheques are placed for change.
Ringer Casino This is when a player acts like they're new but they're really an expert.
River Card Poker This is the final card to be turned over so it is face up on the board.
Roll Craps This is when the shooter throws the dice.
Roll Roulette This is the time from which the ball is spun until the winning number is determined.
Rolling Dealers This is what the dealer calls out after a shuffle but before they roll the deck.
Round Poker This is the cycle of bets made by the players following the deal of cards, or a series of cards or hands dealt.
Rounder Casino This is a player who has been around and is wise in the ways of gaming.
Royal Flush Poker This is a hand that holds a 10, Jack, Queen, King & Ace of the same suit. This is the highest ranking poker hand.
Run Casino Also known as Streak, this is when someone wins or loses multiple hands in a row.
Run It Down Dealers This is when a dealer verifies a stack of the same denimination.