Word Category Definition
Odds Casino This is the number of ways to win as opposed to the number of ways to lose. Or the mathematical probability of a number occuring expressed as a ratio.
Odds Bet Casino This is any winning bet that is paid more than even money.
Odds Bet Craps This is an extra bet that the player is allowed to make only after placing a flat bet on the Pass Line, Don't Pass Line, Come Bet Number, or behind the Don't Come Number.
Off Craps Dealers This is when there is a bet on the layout that is not in action. Usually the dealer will place an off button on the stack of cheques.
One Roll Bet Craps A bet which is decided on the next roll of the dice. For example, a field bet, horn bets, world bets and hop bets.
Open Poker This is the action of making the first bet.
Opener Poker This is the person who makes the first betting action.
Outside Roulette The outside of the roulette table is anything that isn’t numbers. So red & black or the 1st dozen is an outside bet.
Outside Hand Craps Dealers This is the dealer's hand that is furthest from the boxman.
Overhand Shuffle Dealers This is when the dealer shuffles the cards by sliding the cards from the top of the deck to the other hand.
Overlay Craps This bet is made on don't pass when there is an "existing" don't pass bet with maximum odds. A player may then overlay the point. This is the same as laying behind the point on the don't pass line.


Word Category Definition
Pack Casino This is a group of cards that is still in its box and the cards are not shuffled or intermingled.
Paddle Casino This is a plastic T-shaped device that is used to push money into the table's drop box.
Paint Casino This is a face card or a 10 value card.
Palm Casino Also known as Muck; this is the action of hiding a card or cheque in your palm so that it can be used in the future.
Parlay Casino Also known as Let It Ride; this means you add your winnings to your original bet.
Pass Craps This is when the shooter throws a winning roll on the come-out or make the point during a point contest.
Pass Poker This is when you decline to bet, at which point you must discard your hand and forfeit any chance of winning the pot.
Pass Line Craps Also known as Front Line, this is a self service betting area of the layout for wagering with the dice, expecting the shooter to roll a winning pass.
Past Post Casino This is when a player places a bet after a winner has been declared and expects to get paid for it. This is cheating.
Pat Hand Blackjack This is when the first two cards result in a high count and thus would not normally be hit.
Percentage Casino Also known as P.C. or Hold; this is a percentage of the drop that the casino actually wins.
Pinch Casino This is when losing cheques are taken off of a losing bet. This is cheating.
Pips Casino These are the spots on a playing card that indicate the number of that specific card. For example, a 7 of hearts has 7 heart symbols on it and those heart symbols are what's known as the Pips.
Pit Dealers This is a group of tables brought together to form a long circle with the floorman in the center.
Pitch Dealers This is a specific maneuver that the dealer uses when tossing the card to the player.
Place Bet Craps This is a wager on the box numbers located directly in front of the base dealers.
Player Baccarat There are two outcomes that the gambler can chose to back if they want to win a hand and Player is one of those designations. Both the Player and the Banker have no association with the house or the gambler.
Plays Up To The Table Limit Dealers The dealer will make this announcement when the player sets an unknown amount of cash on a bet and wants Money Plays. After a winner is determined, the dealer will count out all of the cash and if there is more then the table limit, then that amount is given back to the player. The bet will only be paid or lost, up to the table limit.
Pocket Roulette This is a section of the wheel. It's the compartment between the Frets into which the ball falls.
Point Craps Any of the point numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 rolled by the shooter on the come-out roll.
Pot Poker This refers to the sum of money that players wager during a hand. At the end of the hand, the pot is the pile of chips that the winning player receives. It's also possible for more then one player to win the pot.
Press Casino This is when someone increases their bet.
Press the Bet Craps After the player wins a wager, they'll ask the dealer to press the bet and this will increase the wager by the same amount as the original bet.
Proposition Bets Craps Also known as Props or Hardways; this is referring to the one roll bets located in the center of the layout.
Props Craps This is short for Proposition Bets and is also known as Hardways; this is referring to the one roll bets located in the center of the layout.
Protected Hand Poker When the player is physically holding the cards or if the cards are faced down and topped with a chip or some other item in order to protect it from becoming a Fouled Hand.
Puck Craps Also known as a Marker, this is a plastic disk that is black on one side with the word "OFF" written on it. And white on the other side with the word "ON" written on it. This disk is used to mark the number or the point that's established.
Push Casino This is considered a tie and the bet will neither be paid or taken.