Word Category Definition
Make a Move Casino Also known as Take a Shot; this is an action made by a player to gain an advantage or cheat the casino.
Making a Point Craps To roll the point number before rolling a 7 out.
Marker Casino This is a credit the casino gives a player.
Marker Craps Also known as a Puck, this is a plastic disk that is black on one side with the word "OFF" written on it. And white on the other side with the word "ON" written on it. This disk is used to mark the number or the point that's established.
Marker Roulette Also known as a Dolly or a Crown, this is the object dealers use to mark the winning number on the layout.
Maximum Casino This is the largest bet allowed by the casino.
Mechanic Dealers This is a dealer that uses sleight of hand to cheat.
Midnight Craps This is when the player bets that a 12 will be rolled next.
Minimum Casino This is the lowest bet allowed by the casino.
Miscall Poker This is when there's an incorrect verbal call on the ranking of a hand.
Misdeal Casino This is when a hand is dealt incorrectly.
Missed Blind Button Poker Also known as Absent Button, this is a button that's placed in a player's area showing that this person has previously missed his Blind Bet and is still absent from the table.
Money Plays Dealers This is when a player wishes to play cash as their wager, instead of cheques.
Monster Craps Also known as Duke; this is a long winning hand.
Muck Casino Also known as Palm; this is the action of hiding a card or cheque in your palm so that it can be used in the future.
Muck Poker Also known as Folding, this is when a player discard's his hand for an automatic loss.
Muck Poker This is what the discard pile is called.
Muck Roulette This is an action that dealers use to pick up cheques.
Mucker Roulette Dealers This is a second dealer on a roulette table, who is put there during busy times to help the primary dealer pick up chips and put them in a stack of 20. The mucker also double checks the primary dealer’s math and gives the primary dealer the correct pay out in roulette chips.
Mucking Roulette Dealers This is a technique the dealers use to pick up chips and place them in a stack of 20. Mucking is usually done in a fast manner since muckers are usually only needed on a full and busy table.
Mule Poker This is when the winner of a pot throws one or more chips to one or more of the other players at the game. This has the look of team play or collusion and is prohibited.


Word Category Definition
Nailing Casino This is a cheaters technique where they mark the cards by slightly tearing the edge with their nails.
Natural Baccarat A Natural Hand occurs when the initial two cards equal an 8 or a 9.
Natural Craps This is when a 7 or an 11 are thrown on a come-out roll. Also a 2, 3, and 12 are naturals.
Nickels Casino Also known as Red, Reds or Red Chip; this is a $5 chip.
No Brainer Blackjack This phrase is normally said when the player gets a blackjack because this is an automatic winner and the player doesn't have to do anything.
No Limit Poker This means no constraints are placed on the maximum size of a bet or raise.
Nut Casino This is the gross amount of money made from a game, or the games overhead. This can also be used to describe the players overhead.