Word Category Definition
Kicker Poker If the players have the same poker ranking, then the winner will be determined but the next highest ranking card, which is the Kicker.


Word Category Definition
Lammer Casino Also known as a Button; this is the small plastic disc with numbers or words that are normally used for markers.
Last Come Bets Craps These are the bets that are made on the Come Line just before the dice roll a 7 Out.
Late Bets Craps Dealers These are bets made after the dice leaves the center of the table. A Late Bet may only be a legal bet if the dealer, boxman or floorman Books the Bet before the outcome is determined.
Lay Bets Craps In order to purchase true odds behind a point, betting that the number will not be rolled before a "7". The cost of the bet is 5% of the amount that the bet can win.
Lay Down Casino This means to make a bet or a wager.
Laying Odds Craps This is when the player bets more than what he is going to win. This usually takes place on the Don't Pass when there is a point and the player has a flat bet.
Layout Casino This is the felt game cover used on all games.
Let It Ride Casino Also known as Parlay; this means you add your winnings to your original bet.
Let-It-Ride Let-It-Ride This is the title of a carnival game. The player gets 2 cards and the dealer turns over 3 community cards. From that, the player is trying to make a good 5 card poker hand.
Limit Casino This means the maximum bet.
Little Joe Craps This is when the player rolls a hard 4.
Live Blind Poker This is a blind bet giving the player the option of raising if no one else has raised.
Live Game Casino This is any table game on the casino floor with actual customers playing for money.
Loads Craps These are dice that have been weighted to land on certain numbers; this is cheating.
Lock Casino This is a hand that cannot lose.
Lock Up Dealers This is when you take a bet/cheques and place it in a secure place, like the dealer's bank.
Luminous Readers Casino These people cheat by marking the cards with a special ink that can only be seen with special glasses.
Lumpy Dealers This is a bad or inexperienced dealer.