Word Category Definition
In Casino This is short for Buy In.
Inside Roulette This is where the numbers are; 0 through 36 is known as an inside bet.
Inside Hand Craps Dealers This is the dealer's hand that is closest to the boxman.
Insurance Blackjack This is an optional bet that the player can take if the dealer is showing an ace up card and the player thinks they have a blackjack. The payoff is 2 to 1.
Remember to tip your dealer!


Word Category Definition
Jog Casino This is an unevenly stacked deck used to mark where the player should cut.
Joker Pai-Gow The Joker Card is seen as a Wild Card and can complete Straights, Flushes or it represents an Ace card.
Juice Craps Also known as Vig, the full name is Vigorish; this is the commission charged by the house for the privilege of making a certain type of bet.
Juice Dealers This is a term used for knowing an influential person who can get someone a better job.
Juiceman Dealers This is a person of importance.