Word Category Definition
Gaff Casino This is a cheater's device, tool or technique.
Garbage Craps After the end of the hand, these are all of the losing bets that are swept towards the dealer so they can be cleaned up and put away in the Working Stacks.
George Dealers This is a player that the dealers consider a big tipper.
Going South Poker This is when a player takes poker chips off the table and places them in his pocket. This practice is not allowed, as all funds must remain on the table until the player leaves.
Grand Casino This means $1,000 dollars.
Graveyard Shift Dealers In Las Vegas, the typical graveyard shift for dealers is between 4am to 12pm. Every casino is different and the graveyard starting time can range from 3am to 5am.
Green Chips Casino Also known as Green, Greens or Quarters; these are $25 chips.
Grifter Casino A con man or a cheater.
Grind Joint Casino This is a casino that has low betting limits and caters to small bettors.


Word Category Definition
Hand Casino This can mean one game of a series, one deal in a card game or the actual cards a player is holding.
Handle Casino This is the gross volume of a casino.
Hard Hand Blackjack This is a hand that if it's hit and gets a 10 then it will bust.
Hardways Craps Also known as Props, which is short for Proposition Bets; this is referring to the one roll bets located in the center of the layout. To make a point number the dice must roll a pair that equals a 4, 6, 8 or 10. For example, a Hard 4 would be when both dice show twos.
Hawking the Dice Craps This is when the base dealer on one end of the table is looking at the dice on the opposite end. This is not permitted.
Head Roulette This is the rotating part of the wheel.
Head to Head Casino When there is only one player who is playing against the dealer.
Head to Head Poker This is when there are only two active players betting on the table.
Heeling Craps Dealers This is a move by the dealer that leaves the top cheque half visible under the rest of the stack. They will do this to indicate that the chips are not a bet and is waiting for the player. The dealer will also heel a bet on a Don't Come, Don't Pass Line and behind a number to indicate an odds bet.
High / Low Craps This is a split bet on 2 and 12 Craps.
High Roller Casino Also known as a Whale; this is a person who gambles large amounts of money.
Hit Blackjack This is when you draw another card adding to the hand.
Hit Card Blackjack This is the extra card that is drawn or received.
Hold Casino Also known as Percentage or P.C.; this is a percentage of the drop that the casino actually wins.
Hold Out Casino This is when a cheater conceals a card for future use.
Hole Card Blackjack When a dealer deals himself a hand, he puts one card face down and one card face up. The card that is face down is called the Hole Card.
Hop Casino This is when a cheater uses a technique to falsely cut a deck; where the deck is actually hopped to avoid being cut.
Hop Bet Craps This is a one roll bet that may be bet at any time on a specific combonation of dice. A hardway pays 30 to 1 and an easy combonation pays 15 to 1. These are placed in front of the box position.
Horn Bet Craps This is a bet that covers 2, 3, 11 and 12 simultaneously.
Horn High Craps This is a bet that covers the horn, but which has twice as much money on one of the numbers as it does on the other three.
Hot Casino Someone who is on a winning streak.
House Casino Also known as a Store; this is slang for casino.
Hustle Dealers Also known as Buzz; this is when the dealer tries to get a tip out of a player or tries to get a player to play a tip for them.