Word Category Definition
C & E Craps A split bet covering any Craps and Eleven.
C Note Casino Also known as Cecil; this is a $100 bill.
Cage Casino The cage is where you go to exchange chips for cash.
Call Poker This is when a player matches the bet or the raise.
Call Bet Casino Also known as a Table Marker; this is when a player makes a bet without putting up any money.
Call Bet Craps A bet that's called without cheques or money. The law prohibits such bets.
Cap Casino Also known as Capping the Bet; this is when a player illegally places chips on top of their bet so they will get paid more. This is cheating.
Cap Poker This is the maximum amount of Rake or Commission to be collected.
Cards Speak Poker This is when a hand is placed face up, open and flat on the table and the dealer reads the cards to the entire table.
Carnival Game Casino This describes a group of games that include 3 Card Poker, Let It Ride, 3-5-7 Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold' Em, and Crazy 4 Poker.
Carpet Store Casino This is an unlicensed casino or it's a casino operationg in an area where gambling is illegal.
Case Bet Casino This is the player's last bet, usually with the last of his money.
Case Card Casino This is usually the last card of a suit or denomination still left in the deck.
Cash Out Casino This is when the player redeems their cheques for cash.
Cecil Casino Also known as a C Note; this is a $100 bill.
Change Casino This is when a player requests chips in exchange for paper money.
Change Only Craps Dealers This is a call the dealers will make if a player throws cash or high denomination cheques on the layout without speaking.
Check Poker This is when the player bets nothing and passes the turn to the next player.
Chemmy Shuffle Casino Also known as Washing the Deck, this is a form of shuffling. The dealer will mix up the cards by spreading them face down on the table and with both hands, make a circular motion therefore mixing up the cards.
Cheque Casino Also known as a Chip; this is the name for any value chip that is in action on a live game.
Chip Casino Also known as a Cheque; these clay chips are used to represent money only on table games. The most common chips are red chips ($5), green chips ($25) and black chips ($100).
Chip Roulette Roulette chips are slightly different from normal cheques. These chips are not marked, come in different colors and they usually represent one type of denomination, for example $1. These chips must stay on the table the player received them at.
Chunking Roulette This is a movement made by the dealer to pick up lost cheques from the layout to avoid excessive mucking.
Clapping Out Dealers The dealer will clap their hands to show the cameras that they are not stealing anything.
Clean Money Casino This is when chips that are taken directly out of the dealer's tray.
Cocked Die Craps When a die comes to a rest on an edge rather than flat on the layout, during a roll.
Cold Casino Someone who is on a losing streak.
Cold Deck Casino This is a deck of cards that were secretly pre-arranged in a desired order and then smuggled on the game in order to cheat with.
Cold Turkey Blackjack This is when two face cards are dealt.
Color Up Casino This is when you take your small denomination chips and exchange them for larger denomination chips.
Columns Roulette Any one of the 12 numbers in a straight column. First, Second and Third. All of the Columns pay 2 to 1.
Come Craps This is a self-service bet in which a natural 7 or 11 will win and a natural 2, 3 or 12 will lose. All other numbers will cause the wager to travel to the Box Number.
Come Bet Craps Once the wager has traveled to the Box Number, the wager will win if the non-natural number is repeated before a 7 rolls.
Come Out Roll Craps This is the first roll of the dice. It can also mean any roll of the dice when there is no pass line point marked or when the puck or marker is in the Don't Come box.
Commission Baccarat & Pai-Gow This is similar to a Vig. This is the amount deducted from a winning hand and given to the House. Normally it's 5%. In Pai-Gow, this occurs on any winning hand, while in Baccarat, it only occurs when a Banker bet wins.
Community Cards Poker & Carnival Games This is when certain cards are dealt face up and can be used by all of the players, in order to make their best hand.
Comp Casino This is when the casino gives you something for free. It can be a dinner, room or any services that they offer for your gambling activity.
Contract Bet Craps A bet which may not be removed or reduced once a point has been established. For example, pass line bets and come bets are contract bets.
Cooler Poker This is the person that beats your great hand with an even better hand.
Corner Roulette The Corner bet touches 4 numbers and it pays 8 to 1.
Corner Red Craps The section of the layout where the big 6 and the big 8 are located.
Count Casino This can refer to the value of a hand.
Count Blackjack When Card Counting, this refers to keeping track of what cards have been dealt and what cards remain in the deck.
Count Dealers Dealers refer to the Count when calculating the value of the bankroll. You'll hear this term more often when opening or closing a game.
Counter Casino Also known as a Card Counter, this is a player who keeps track of the cards during a game of Blackjack.
Cover Dealers Also known as Book, Booking the Bet or Fade; this means to accept the bet.
Credit Casino This is when there are too many chips of one color in the rack the floorman has to take them out and send them to the cage.
Crimp Blackjack This is when the player bends, indents or crimps the top or side of the blackjack card in order to track it.
Cross-Firing Craps When two dealers are talking to each other while they're dealing on a live game. If it's not game related then this type of behavior isn't permitted.
Cross Roader Casino This is a cheater at cards.
Croupier Dealers This is French for a casino dealer.
Crown Roulette Also known as a Dolly or a Marker, this is the object dealers use to mark the winning number on the layout.
Cubes Craps This is a slang term for dice.
Cut Card Casino This is the plastic colored card that is used to cut the deck in the game of Blackjack.
Cut Into Dealers When the dealer is paying bets, he uses his forefinger to size into the bet. This will match the bet with the original stack of cheques. That way the dealer paid the bet with an equal amount.
Cutting The Deck Blackjack Every time the dealer shuffles the deck, they hand the player a yellow card. The player is supposed to take this card and put it in the deck somewhere in the middle.


Word Category Definition
Daub Casino This is a foreign substance that is used by cheaters to mark cards. The foreign subjust could be secret substance that only the cheater can see with certain glasses, or it can be something as simple as lipstick or makeup.
Day Shift Dealers In Las Vegas, the typical day shift for dealers is between 12pm to 8pm at night. Every casino is different and the day shift starting time can range from 10am to 1pm.
Dead Button Poker This is when a dealer places a button in front of an empty seat to adjust the movement of the Blind, so that each person pays the correct amount of Blind.
Dead Hand Poker This is a hand that has no claim on the Pot.
Dead Game Dealers This is a game with no players on it.
Dead Thumb Dealers Also known as Dealing the Deuce; this is when the dealer keeps his thumb stiff when dealing a handheld deck, making it easier to cheat by dealing seconds, or not dealing from the top.
Deal Poker This is the distribution of playing cards to the players.
Dealer's Break Dealers On average, Dealers get a 20 minute break every hour.
Dealing the Deuce Dealers Also known as Dead Thumb; this is when the dealer keeps his thumb stiff when dealing a handheld deck, making it easier to cheat by dealing seconds, or not dealing from the top.
Dealt-Out Button Poker A button placed by the dealer that shows that this player is to be dealt out of the current hand.
Defective Deck Poker This is a deck that contains an incorrect number of cards, duplicate cards, jokers, marked or scratched cards, or any cards that has a problem where management considers it to be detrimental to the security and integrity of the game.
Deuce Craps A die with two spots up.
Dirty Money Casino This is cash or cheques that was once a bet but has lost.
Discard Rack Casino This it the plastic box that sits next to the dealer and it's where the dealer places the cards after the hand has finished.
Dolly Roulette Also known as a Marker or a Crown, this is the object dealers use to mark the winning number on the layout.
Don't Come Bet Craps A bet made against the come point, during the shooter's point contest.
Don't Pass Line Craps A self-service betting area on the layout for betting against the point or wagering that the shooter does not pass.
Double Down Blackjack The player will normally double down on a 9, 10 or 11 and they must make an additional wager that is equal to or lessor then their original bet. The player will only receive one card and no more.
Double Up Casino When the player bets twice as much as they did on the previous hand.
Down Craps Dealers This usually means a bet or currency that is no longer on the table.
Down Card Poker This is a card that's dealt face down.
Drag Craps To take part, or all, of a bet.
Draw Poker This can mean the action of taking additional cards; or it can be a type of poker, such as Draw Poker.
Drawing Dead Poker This is when a players hand can never improve beyond their opponent's hand.
Drop Casino All the money that a table collects during a shift.
Drop Box Casino This is a metal box under the table that holds all the cash dropped during a shift.
Drop Cut Dealers This is a technique that dealers use to deliver and count cheques. This is usually used on roulette and craps.
Drop Slide Poker This is a device that is attached to the table and it's used for the placement and dropping of the commission into the Drop Box.
Dual Rate Casino This is when a dealer is learning how to be a floorman. On some days they deal and get paid tokes and other days they work as a floorman and get paid for that position.
Duke Craps Also known as a Monster; this is a long winning hand.