Word Category Definition
Absent Button Poker Also known as Missed Blind Button, this is a button that's placed in a player's area showing that this person has previously missed his Blind Bet and is still absent from the table.
Ace Cards This is the highest card in the deck.
Ace Craps This is when a single die is showing one spot up.
Aces Chips This is a slang term for $1 cheques.
Aces Craps Also known as Snake Eyes, this is when both dice are showing one spot up, for a total sum of 2.
Action Casino This means betting or the opportunity to bet.
Action Poker This is when the player is acting in turn.
Agent Dealers A player who's working with the dealer in order to cheat the casino. This could also be referring to a person who handles money for another player.
Air Craps This is the space between the flat pass line bet and the odds bet behind it on the apron.
All-In Casino When the player bets all of their money on one hand.
All The Way Up Craps This is a phrase that the player will say when his place or buy bet wins. The player is telling the dealer not to press his bet but instead bet the entire payoff and original bet.
Alligator Skin Craps This is the elevated diamond pyramids on the sides of the craps table.
Ante Carnival Games This is a common bet you'll see used in Carnival Games.
Ante Poker This is a pre-determined contribution to the Pot by all players before any cards are dealt.
Any Craps Craps This is a one roll bet which focuses on rolling a 2, 3 or 12. This bet pays 7:1 and has a house edge of 11.1%.
Any Seven Craps This is betting that the next roll will be a 7. This bet pays 4:1 and has a house edge of 16.7%.
Apron Roulette This is the part of the table where losing cheques are swept.


Word Category Definition
Backer Casino A backer is a non-player who is financing an active player.
Backing Up The Cards Dealers A floorman will back up the cards in order to prove a hand. So he'll take cards from the discard rack and lay them out, in order, to see what everyone's previous hand was.
Backline Craps This is also known as the Don't Pass Line on the craps layout.
Bad Beat Poker This is when a player has a great hand and can't fold but then gets beaten by an even better hand.
Banker Baccarat There are two outcomes that the player can chose to back if they want to win a hand and Banker is one of those designations. Both the Player and the Banker have no association with the house or the gambler.
Banker Pai-Gow Poker The Banker is another term for the House and in this game, the players have the option of playing as Banker. Normally, the dealer will play as Banker, but if the player requests it, then they can play as Banker too. This will give the player the same advantages and House Edge that is ordinarily given to the House.
Bankroll Casino This is referring to the tray that holds the House's money in and it's located in front of the dealer.
Bar Casino This means to prohibit, exclude or ban.
Bar Craps The bar number of the don't pass layout, usually a 12, is a standoff roll.
Barber Pole Casino A stack of cheques that has more than one denomination included.
Base Casino This is the player's betting position at the table. First base is the position farthest to the dealer's left; second base is directly in the center and third base is the position farthest to the dealer's right.
Basket Roulette This is a three-way bet that covers the numbers 2, 0 and 00. It pays 11 to 1.
Belly Strippers Casino This is when the cards are altered by having slightly trimmed edges that taper from the center to the edge.
Bet Casino This is a wager on the outcome of an event. They are usually made with clay chips.
Betting Round Poker This is the complete cycle from the first bettor to the last person to call.
Bevels Craps This is when the dice have rounded edges instead of the normal razor sharp edges.
Bias Number Roulette This is a number that comes up more than often. This can be caused by physical changes in the wheel, such as loose or bent frets.
Big Blind Poker The larger amount of the two forced pre-flop bets.
Big Eight Craps This is a self-service betting area in which the player is wagering that an 8 will roll before a 7.
Big Red Craps This is the same as betting on Any Seven.
Big Six Craps This is a self-service betting area in which the player is wagering that a 6 will roll before a 7.
Blackjack Blackjack This is when you have a 10 value card and an ace card on your original two cards.
Blacklisted Casino People who cheat or who are bad for business get put on the blacklist. If you go back into the casino you were blacklisted from then they will call the cops and press charges for trespassing.
Black Chip Casino Also known as Black or Blacks; this is a $100 chip.
Bleed Dealers Also known as Bleeder or Sweating the Money; this is usually a casino supervisor who worries about players winning.
Blind Casino This is when you play the hand without knowing what your cards are.
Blind Poker This is a forced pre-flop bet, there are usually two; the Big Blind and the Small Blind.
Bluff Poker This is when a player bets or raises with the knowledge that he has little to no chance of winning in the hopes that his opponent will fold.
Board Poker This is the five community cards that are placed face up on the table and can be used by all of the players in order to make their best poker hand.
Bones Craps This is a slang term for dice.
Book Dealers Also known as Cover, Booking the Bet or Fade; this means to accept a bet.
Book, The Blackjack This is the small plastic strategy card that you can buy at any gift shop. This tells the player the recommended way of playing a hand.
Booking the Bet Dealers Also known as Cover, Book or Fade; this means to accept a bet.
Border Work Casino Also known as Edge Work; this is when a cheater adds markings to the border or edge of the cards to identify their value.
Bosses Cash Register Craps This saying refers to the area in front of the dealers; the boxes with the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. Players are not allowed to put their hands in this area.
Bottom Deal Dealers When the cards are dealt from the bottom of the deck, with the impression given that the cards are coming from the top of the deck.
Bowl Craps This is the container that the dice are held in.
Box Cars Craps This means a pair of 6's on the dice.
Boxed Card Craps This means a card is found face up in the deck.
Box Number Craps These are the betting squares, or the possible point numbers, located in front of the dealer with the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 on them.
Boxman Craps This is the craps table supervisor who sits in the middle of the table in between the two dealers.
Break Blackjack Also known as Bust, this is when the player goes over 21 and loses the hand.
Breakage Casino This is when the casino takes the winning bet and rounds up or down, in the casino's favor.
Breakage Craps This is when the player bets incorrect unit bets and the dealer has to round down, in favor of the casino, in order to pay the bet.
Break-in Dealer Dealers This is another word for a new dealer who has very little or no experience or knowledge.
Break-in House Dealers This is another word for a casino who hires new dealers. Those casinos are more willing to accept your mistakes and are more willing to teach you new games.
Breakage Casino When the amount is round up or down to the casino's advantage.
Bubble Peek Dealers This is when the dealer puts pressure to the top cards while holding the deck. This allows for a peek of the next card and is considered cheating.
Buffalo Bet Craps This is when you place a bet on each of the Hard Ways plus Any Eleven.
Bullet Casino This is a slang term for an ace card.
Burn Casino This is a technique dealers use where they take the top card from the deck and place it in the discard rack without showing the value of the card.
Burn Card Casino This is the first card of the deck that will be burned.
Bust Blackjack Also known as Break, this is when the player goes over 21 and loses the hand.
Bust Out Joint Casino Also known as a Flat Store; this is a casino that cheats its customers.
Button Casino Also known as a Lammer; this is the small plastic disc with numbers or words that are normally used for markers.
Button Craps A small round chip that is used to keep track of buy bets (with a buy button), lay bets (with a lay button), off / on place bets or hardways.
Buy Bet Craps This is a bet where the player can buy true odds. This player will pay a 5% Vig in order to be paid correct odds for a 4 or 10 place bet.
Buy In Casino This is when the player gives the dealer cash for cheques.
Buzz Dealers Also known as Hustle; this is when the dealer tries to get a tip out of a player or tries to get a player to play a tip for them.