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All of the Information Needed on 2G'$

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About the Inventor

      Frank Mugnolo is an Italian American who was born in Chicago and the first in his family to graduate from college. Frank is a certified public accountant, a promoter, a business man and a table game inventor. Recently his attention has turned to creating the ideal bet for Craps and Roulette. Fast forward to today, Muggsy’s CornerTM and 2G’$TM are ready to make their debut in Las Vegas!

      Frank Mugnolo's Business CardAs with every success story, it does not happen overnight. Frank faced many challenges while creating Muggsy’s CornerTM and 2G’$TM. The process took time and patience to get the games from a napkin to the casino floor. Frank surrounded himself with a team of dedicated professionals to assist in this process. It’s true what they say: “the harder you work, the luckier you get”. Frank’s hard work has turned into a success story now that the Gold Coast Casino will be installing both Muggsy’s CornerTM and 2G’$TM in their casino.

      It’s an exceptional endeavor to create two games that are placed in a casino. The creativity and preparation that has been put into Muggsy’s CornerTM and 2G’$TM shines through as these games begin to make their way across the nation.