Nice People

She Could've Stolen The Money By Denying She Got It

A slot machine located at a bar       I sauntered up to a video poker game and pulled out a hundred dollar bill to insert into the machine. Being an addicted smokeless tobacco user with a hit already in my mouth, I was looking around for a spit cup. A casino cleaning lady asked me if she could help me and I asked for a cup to use. She very promptly retrieved a cup for me and I tipped her a dollar.

      I sat down and was fixing to beat this machine mercilessly. As I fed the hundred dollar bill into the machine I saw it was really a one dollar bill. My brain started chanting shit… shit… shit… as I realized what I did.

      I spied the cleaning lady over in the sports book area talking to a man sitting at the bar. I made a bee line over there and as she saw me galloping toward her, without saying a word, she reached into her shirt pocket and handed me the $100. I thanked her and tipped her a $20.

      ∾ Stoney

  Date: August 1, 2010 @ 12:04am PST