Joseph Shipman


Joseph Shipman is an accomplished Ph.D. mathematician, who served as Director of Math at Gaming Laboratories International in New Jersey. After years of seeing failed table game inventions and having a keen insight to what wasn’t available on the market, he used his experience and talents to design his new game, Bluff. In addition, he identified key Game Theory elements not effectively represented on the market and designed his game to solve mathematical and technical problems commonly seen in other games.

Using his experience analyzing the competition’s inventions, Joseph invented a game that incorporates traditional poker elements such as bluffing, but still maintains an entertaining carnival game feel. As with most inventions, there were obstacles to overcome during the invention process. One such challenge was to find a way for the dealer to take action against multiple players without the players knowing whether the action was a bluff. He solved this by creating a custom deck of cards and incorporating basic blackjack equipment, such as a Blackjack Peeker.

It’s taken Joseph a decade to make Bluff a reality. An extraordinary amount of effort has gone into the creation and preparation of the game, and at long last, Bluff is ready for its first Field Trial.

Field Trial

  • The casino that hosts the Bluff Field Trial will get one game for free for life
  • The casino will receive custom playing cards for free for the first year
  • Vegas Aces provides all training for your casino dealers
  • Vegas Aces will provide all of the marketing support needed to bring people to the game, on a daily basis. For example:
    • A showgirl would be standing near the table game handing out free swag
  • We'll work with you to figure out the best marketing package for your casino
  • Note: The client has the ability to cancel these marketing packages at any time