How Do Dealers Get Picked To Deal In The High Limit Area?

Quick Question

      Date: May 5, 2016     Written By: Heather Ferris

      Q: “How do dealers get picked to deal in the High Limit area?”

      A: Every casino is different, and casino management have different standards that they use when picking out High Limit Dealers. Typically, these Dealers are solid when it comes to dealing the game, calculating math, plus they’ll have a good track record or history.

      I have a couple friends who work in some higher management positions and I asked them this question. This is what they told me:

      “It’s important that they have a personality, with the ability to stay cool when handling some of our most high maintenance guests. Skill and speed were factors however high limit games tend to be slow by nature do to player antics. Dealers that have that great customer interaction increase the time players are on the table thus increasing casino profit."

      “I would look for a dealer who ‘gets it’. And by that, I mean a dealer who can size up a player or group of players, and act accordingly. I want a dealer who can go to a player or group of players that are at the casino for fun, and respond properly. Being able to immediately size-up the play at a table and entertain when appropriate, or get the hands out quietly and efficiently when applicable, is what separates a professional dealer from a normal dealer.”