The Take-and-Pay Procedure

Questions & Answers

      Date: February 20, 2015     Written By: Heather Ferris

      Q: “Just watched your video but was having trouble figuring out when to payout the players/ take away their cards/ take away their chips. On most of your demonstrations all the players either won or lost. Can you please explain further? Ie. Some players won, some bust, some have a blackjack, etc.”

      A: When completing the take-and-pay procedure, after you’ve finished dealing out the initial set of cards, pay the blackjack wagers immediately, then place those cards in the discard rack. During the hand, if any players bust, take their money and lock it up in the rack and then place their cards in the discard rack. When the players have finished with their hands, the dealer will reveal their cards and then complete the take-and pay procedure. Once that is done, they will collect all of the remaining cards and place them in the discard rack.

      Now, how you complete the take-and-pay procedure depends on what house you work for, and every house is different, so make sure you know your house rules. Some casinos will want you to pay each winning bet with clean money, because that is the proper way to deal, even though it’s a bit slower. This means that when you are done picking up lost bets, you place them in the rack and then take clean money out of the rack to pay the winning bets.

      Other casinos will want you to pay with dirty money because it is faster and they can get in more hands per hour, and that means more money for the casino. Plus, for security reasons, they don’t want you to reach into the rack so many “unnecessary” times. When paying with dirty money, instead of placing the lost wager back into the rack, the dealer will just continue to the next wager, if they have enough chips in their hand to pay the bet accordingly.