Different Ways Of Figuring Out Commission

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     Date: January 24, 2016     Written By: Heather Ferris

      Q: “Another way to do commission is to move the decimal by half. For example, 42 equals 4.2 divided by 2 equals 2.1. It’s faster for me to do it that way.”

35 dollars requires a 1 dollar and 75 cent commission       A: Let’s go over the 1st method real quick. Take the players bet and move the decimal over one spot to the left. For example, if the player has a $35.00 bet, then move the decimal one space to the left $3.50. Next, divide that amount by 2. For example, $3.50 divided by 2 is $1.75. So the commission for a $35 bet is $1.75. 85 dollars requires 4 dollars and 25 cent commission

      Now, it's time to figure out the commission for an $85 bet.

$85 = $8.5 / 2 = $4.25

      If you’re having trouble grasping this method, then try this 2nd method for figuring out commission.

      “Another way is to add the commissions. For example, I see $50. I know each green is $1.25. I add $1.25 and $1.25 together and my answer is $2.50.”

50 dollars requires 2 dollars and 50 cent commission       So basically, the 2nd method involves figuring out the commission based on units and then adding that together. Let’s go over another example to make it a bit clearer. If the player has a $20 bet, then that means they have four red $5 cheques. You know that each $5 cheque pays a commission of $0.25 cents. So if you add up $0.25 four times, or you can multiply $0.25 cents times, then the answer is $1.00.

20 dollars requires a 1 dollar commission       Here’s a test run to see if you understand this method:

      How much commission does the player owe if they have a $35 bet?

      Answer: 1 green equals $1.25 and each red is $0.25 so $1.25 + $0.25 + $0.25 = $1.75