Cutting the Deck

Questions & Answers

     Date: February 6, 2015     Written By: Heather Ferris

      Q: I had a few girls tell me when I notice them allowing the shoe to be cut from the side that was what they seen in the training video. It is my perception that this is not correct procedure. The six decks should be offered parallel to the player inhibiting their vision of the side of the shoe. This helps protect any cutting to a marked card and inhibits shuffle tracking on a hand shuffle. I have added an image of what I perceive as a correct cut. You’re hand deck cut looks good.

      A: When you offer the deck to be cut on a shoe game, never show the wide side of the deck to the player because this makes it easier for the player to track marked cards or helps them with their shuffle tracking. Instead, when you offer the deck to the player, line it up in such a way that the player can’t see the wide side of the deck, and remember to not go past the insurance line. This will increase your game protection, making you a better dealer.