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Cutting the Deck


Learn the proper way to have the deck cut, with this Questions and Answers segment.

faq dealers Blackjack

Break-In Houses


Learn about entry-level casinos, called Break-In Houses, with this Questions and Answers segment.

dealers faq

Paying Rainbow Bets, Bad Credit & Working Stacks


Learn how to pay rainbow bets, how bad credit could affect your chances when trying to get a job and how to handle working stacks with this Questions and Ans...

dealers faq

Chemin de Fer & French Roulette, When to Break Down a Stack of Cheques, & Your Questions


Learn about Chemin de Fer and French Roulette, when to break down a stack of cheques, and how I go about answering your questions in this new Questions and A...

faq dealers Baccarat, Roulette

Misreading the Peeker, Hitting a Soft Hand, & Are Math Skills Important


Learn about misreading the peeker, hitting a soft hand and find out if math skills are important to the job with this Questions and Answers segment.

dealers faq Blackjack

Cheques vs. Chips, Breaking Down Stacks & Splashing


Learn the difference between cheques vs chips, breaking down stacks of chips and splashing chips. This includes an introduction, the history and a break down...

dealers faq

How To Drop Cut


Learn how to drop cut with this Questions and Answers segment.

dealers faq Roulette, Craps

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