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Shuffling with Large Hands


Learn how to make shuffling easier when you have large hands.


Breaking In


Find out how you become a break-in dealer, find break-in houses, and get your start in the casino industry.


How to Use the Blackjack Peeker


How to use the blackjack peeker as a dealer when checking your cards for a blackjack.

dealers Blackjack

Top 5 Tricks for Dealing a Better Texas Hold’Em Game


Marc Shumsker at joins us to share the Top 5 Tricks for Dealing a Better Texas Hold'Em poker game.

dealers Poker

3 Tactics Cheaters Use To Steal


Learn about the three tactics cheaters use to steal both in a casino and outside of a casino.

dealers cheating

How to Case Your Table Layout


Learn how to case your table layout. This is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your game.


You Don't Have To Go To School To Be A Blackjack Dealer


How you might ask? Learn blackjack first, since that's the easiest game to learn. Do you have two decks of cards or a stack of 20 chips?


The Biggest Difference between Table Games and Poker is Customer Service


As a dealer, you should know that the biggest difference between table games and poker is the customer service.

dealers interviews Poker

3 Things to Avoid When Cutting the Deck


Three mistakes to watch out for when cutting the deck as a professional casino dealer.

dealers Blackjack

Craps Drills


Learn these craps drills which will help you learn how to deal craps while at home. This includes pressing bets, keys for the prop bets and across bets.

dealers interviews Craps

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