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Las Vegas Stories - Winning
Let It Ride sign One of the biggest house games in the casino is Let It Ride because it has bad odds for the player. I dealt that game for 5 years and I rarely saw people win. Players need a pair of 10’s or better to win any money; there are 3 spots in which you put your money down and only one of the spots is mandatory. The player gets 3 cards and then decides if he wants to keep his bet out there (let it ride) or he can pull his bet back and those chips will no longer be in play. After he decides, the dealer flips over 1 of her 2 cards and then the process is repeated until all 5 cards are showing. The player is trying to make the best 5 card poker hand.

I was dealing Let It Ride and I had this young man with short brown hair sit down with $100. It was a $10 minimum game and that’s what he played, $10 on each spot. The very first hand he got was a pair of 10’s, which means he had an automatic winner. So he tucked his cards and I flipped over my first card and it was a 10. Now he had a 3 of a kind. Of course he stayed, so I flipped over my 2nd card and it was another 10. He got a four of a kind! That pays 50:1, so he got a total of $1,500 on his first hand. Now, since he won so much money, he started playing $50 per hand and he put a $50 tip out there for me as well (so if he wins I win). His next hand he got a pair of 5’s and a Q. He pulled back his bet so now he only had 2 bets out. I flipped over a Q and he got 2 pair. He tucked his cards and I flip over my last card and it is a 5. He got a full house and this was only his 2nd hand! A full house pays 11:1 so he got paid a total of $ 1,100 and I got a $550 tip! That is a huge tip! Unfortunately my supervisor thought so as well.

My floorman, Ben came over and got upset that I was tipped so much money. Ben told me that there was a cap on how much I could get tipped. See the casino thinks that when a player wins $1,000 that money isn’t gone yet because he could play a different game tomorrow and lose it all back, but when the money is tipped to the dealer it’s not coming back and the casino considers it an automatic loss. So the casino put a cap on how much a dealer can be tipped, for example on a blackjack table the player can’t bet more money for the dealer then what he is playing. (So if a player bets $10 he can’t tip the dealer $20).

Ben called the shift supervisor over and the $550 tip was definitely over the cap. Well this player yelled and screamed and argued because he wanted me to keep the entire amount. He even threatened to take his business elsewhere. The shift supervisor checked the player’s history and saw that he was a regular that always lost a lot of money. So they let it go and I got to keep my tip (but they gave me a huge scolding afterwards). Well this wonderful man who stood up for me got a straight, a flush and 2 two pairs after that. He won almost every single hand and finally walked away with $5,000. He tipped me $50 to $100 per hand. It was a great day.
~Heather 2007 line
Date: June 13, 2010 @ 2:39pm PST     Comments     Filed Under: Tipping, Winning
$100 chip on 18 I was dealing roulette and I had only one player at my table for most of the day. It was this big black guy who always played 18. He played other numbers as well but he always put the most money on 18. After a while, he lost $300 and started to walk away. He stopped; waited for a minute like he was thinking about something and then said, “Aw, screw it” as he pulled a black chip out of his pocket. He put the entire black chip on number 18. “Are you sure you want to bet $100 on one number?” I asked. “Yea” he replied. (Now, the reason why I have to ask is because if the player is betting $25 chips or more on the inside of the roulette table the cameras are supposed to be called so they can watch.) So after my floorman called the eye-in-the-sky I spun the ball and astonishingly it hit 18. He won $3,500 on that one bet. He was so happy he screamed “Now I’m up $400!” “What?” I asked confused. “I had lost $3,100 just for today and now I’m ahead by $ 400. This is great!” He had a huge smile on his face.
~Heather 2007 line
Date: June 8, 2010 @ 8:18am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Winning
wife's $2 additional bet on top of husband's $10 bet I was dealing on a 6 deck shoe and I had only 2 players on the table at the time. They were an old couple and they had been there for a couple hours before the wife finally lost all but $2. It was a $10 minimum table so she didn’t have enough money to keep going. She started to ask her husband for more money when I said, “Before you do that, why don’t you try to win your money back? You have $2, put that money on your husband’s bet and if he wins then you win.” She did that and they won the hand. She pressed her bet, playing $4 on his hand, and won that. She pressed one more time and won again; now she had enough to play her own spot. Amazingly, in an hour’s time, she had $200 in front of her and her husband was the one asking to borrow some money because he had lost all of his money.
~Heather 2006 line
Date: June 7, 2010 @ 1:20am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Winning
$25 bet on 15 I was dealing on a roulette table when this kid walked up, dragging his luggage behind him. I checked his I.D. and he just turned 22 years old the other day; he had come to Las Vegas as a birthday gift to himself. I wished him a happy birthday and he said to me, “I have to be at the airport in an hour. Since I have some time to spare I thought I would bet my last chip.” He pulled out a green chip and placed it on top of number 15, his birthday. “Are you sure you want to bet that much money on one number? I can give you smaller chips.” I said. “No, I’m good.” He replied. So I spun the ball and it hopped right into 15! I paid him a total of $875. I thought he would leave after that but instead he put a second green chip on top of the first. Now he had $50 on number 15. I spun the ball again and 15 hit for a second time in a row! I paid him $1,750 for a total of $2,625 in 5 minutes. Amazing. He thanked me, tipped me $100 and took the money. He told me, “I’m keeping my first green chip as a souvenir, it must be lucky!” He left with a huge smile on his face.
~Heather 2005 line
Date: June 3, 2010 @ 9:18am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Winning
Wheel of Fortune sign I was dealing at a small casino; standing at a dead table bored out of my mind with nothing to do. There was this 95 year-old Asian woman sitting at a “Wheel of Fortune” slot machine right in front of me; so I was watching her play to pass the time. Incredibly, she hit the $2 million progressive and you should have seen the way her eyes popped out of her head. She looked left, and then right, to see if anyone else saw what she saw. She must have thought she was hallucinating. A couple minutes later the slot attendant and a security guard walked up to her. They took her in a back room and the entire way there she looked as if she was in a dream with her mouth hanging open. I saw that same security guard later and he told me that she tipped everyone she met a $100 and then apologized because she didn’t have any more money to give them. (They never pay you such large winnings on the same day.) Apparently, she had been coming to this casino for 5 years, every Sunday, and she always played the same slot machine.
~Heather 2004 line
Date: May 18, 2010 @ 7:05am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Winning
cowboys playing at a table Every December the rodeo comes into town, bringing with it a city full of cowboys. There would be so many cowboys that the dealer’s would have to stay in the pit during their breaks because we couldn’t get through the crowd to go to the break room. Well I had this cowboy on my table playing $1,000 per hand and he was completely wasted. He had a 16, hit the 16 and got a 10. He furiously picked up that 10, crumpled it up and ate the card, and then asked for another hit. My jaw hit the floor. I called over my floorman, Bill and said, “We need another 10 of hearts.” “What do you mean ‘we need another 10 of hearts’? What happened to the other one?” Bill asked confused. “Well this guy ate it.” “No he didn’t. Stop pulling my chain, can’t you see how busy I am?” Bill said as he started to walk away. “No, come back; check the camera’s if you don’t believe me.” I called after him. So Bill went to the phone and called the cameras and sure enough they verified my story. When Bill walked back to the table he looked stunned. “What should I do?” I asked him. “Well, if he wants a card so badly, give him another card.” I think everyone at the table was as surprised as I was. So I gave him another card and he got a 5, making 21, and ended up winning. I asked Bill later why he didn’t kick that guy out and he said, “Well, that guy has been here for 3 days and has lost $30,000 every day. So for $90,000 I think the casino can afford to give him one hand to make him happy.”
~Heather 2004 line
Date: May 17, 2010 @ 8:28am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Drunks, Winning
dealer places a $500 chip in the toke box I was dealing blackjack in the high-limit area of the casino and I had 4 guys at my table playing the minimum of $25 per hand. Well this gentleman sits down at the table and starts to play $500 per hand. Out of nowhere he says, “I’ll give the first person who can answer me $100 if they can tell me the band that's playing now.” The guys at the table just sort of looked at him for a second and then one of them answered, “Beatles!” That guy got $100. It was so much fun! For a couple hours we were answering trivia and getting paid for our answers. I got one question right and got $500 (of course I had to put that in the toke box). We were all having a blast and luckily the cards were paying well too.
~Heather 2007 line
Date: May 14, 2010 @ 9:36am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Tipping, Winning
3 card straight flush I was dealing 3 Card Poker when a kid who looked no more than 16 comes up to the table wanting to play. I ask for his I.D. and he just turned 21 the day before. He sits down and acts like he knows how to play the game. Well he starts folding hand after hand after hand. Folding happens in 3 Card Poker but never that much folding. So the next hand he folded I asked him if I could look at it. “Yea, sure, it’s crap. No pair.” I flip over the cards and it’s a straight flush, the highest hand you can get. I am so startled. “Why are you throwing away a straight flush?” I asked. He looks unsure, “Well it’s not a pair. I need a pair to win on Pairs Plus.” Luckily I hadn’t taken the money yet, so I gave him back his cards and made him play it. He won $400 and left immediately after that hand. He was bright red when he left.
~Heather 2004 line
Date: May 8, 2010 @ 9:11am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Embarrassing, Winning
$5 blackjack I was dealing blackjack and I had an old 80 year old woman playing on my 6-deck-shoe on 3rd base. She was betting $5 per hand when she got a blackjack. The payout is $7.50. Then she got a 2nd, and then a 3rd blackjack. The people at the table were telling her to raise her bet and she replied, “No, it won’t happen again.” Then she got a 4th blackjack. Then a 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th blackjack. 8 blackjacks in a row, the most I have ever seen, and she played $5 for each hand.
~Heather 2004 line
Date: May 7, 2010 @ 7:52am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Winning
Player is splitting 10's at $1,000 each I was dealing blackjack and this drunk guy walks in and sits down at my table with $20. He does everything wrong. He splits 10's, he stayed on a 5 when the dealer had a 10 up card, and he hit when he had a 17 (and he got a 4). It was amazing because he was winning almost every hand. He stayed at the table for 8 hours and finally left with $17,000. He was drunk the entire time.

Everybody thought he was cheating. He had 2 floormen, 1 casino manager, a security guard and all of the camera's watching him, but they couldn't find him cheating. So the floormen did everything they could to break up the winning streak; they let him continue drinking (even though, by law, they were suppose to cut him off because he was so drunk he could barely sit up.) The floormen thought that if he was wasted then that would cause him to make mistakes and lose. When that didn't work they switched the cards in the shoe. Now, a casino will never switch a six-deck shoe in the middle of the shift unless someone spills a drink on the cards. The reason why is because 1) there is only one person touching the cards so the cards will have less chance of getting marked and 2) it takes too long to switch 6 decks on a live game, it costs the casino money. So after they switched the cards, he was still getting win after win. The floormen were desperate so they tried switching dealers, putting their hot dealers on the table. Nothing worked, this guy was so lucky. His table was full of angry people who were trying to get him to play the correct way; they would tell him to do one thing and he would think about it and then do the opposite and win. The rest of the table played by the book and lost, so everyone was pissed at this guy.

At one point, he was up to $25,000 when he started losing; he probably would have lost it all if the next event didn't happen. By this time he had tipped the dealers about $5,000 total; so he is losing and he calls over the floorman, Patrick, and tells him that the $5,000 he gave the dealers is his money and he would like it back. Patrick said, "It doesn't work like that, once you give the dealer a tip you can't get it back." The drunk was so angry that he fought with Patrick for 20 minutes over the tip. Finally Patrick yelled, "You started with $20, you now have $20,000 and you are arguing with me about getting the dealer's tip back! You're a greedy bastard." The drunk played 2 more hands, lost and then took his $17,000 and left, all the while bitching and making threats to the people around him. The dealers talked about this for weeks afterwards. We were all laughing because we said that 'this guy was so drunk that when he woke up the next morning and found all of that cash he probably thought he robbed a bank.
~Heather 2004 line
Date: May 5, 2010 @ 8:19am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Drunks, Winning
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