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Las Vegas Stories - Archives: May 2010
Note: You will need to have read " A Good Marketing Idea" from May 11, 2010 to understand this story.

player rubbing cut card against another players chest I was dealing on a single deck blackjack table with a full crew of customers. There were 2 middle-aged married couples and a middle-aged man and woman who were both married but not to each other. They didn’t know one another but they had been on the table for a while and had become acquainted. Well, I told them the “ A Good Marketing Idea” story and they loved it so much that they wanted to mimic it. No, I’m serious. They were all drunk and every time we had to cut the deck (which was after every 2 hands) one of them would rub the cut card on their breast or on their butt or on someone else’s breast or butt. They were even crisscrossing, where husband #1 would rub wife #2’s breast. The women would either be rubbing the card over their clothes or under their clothes. It got crazy and attracted a crowd. They finally had so much to drink they had to go up to their rooms, but only after 4 hours of being crazy.
~Heather 2007 line
Date: May 12, 2010 @ 10:23am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Nudity
I was dealing to a table full of guys one night and they were losing a ton of money. One of the guys suggested that the next person who walked by should cut the deck. It was an extremely slow night and they were playing a single deck game so it was a couple minutes later that I was getting done shuffling and a gorgeous, blond big-breasted woman walked by. One of the guys stopped her and asked her to cut the deck. “Sure,” she said as she grabbed the cut card. She pulled down her shirt and rubbed the cut card on her nipple and then cut the deck. Well the guys loved that and they made her cut the deck the same way every time for an hour. They were losing more miserably then before but they were having a great time. My floorman was so elated because he got a free titty show for the day. Well, it ended up that she was a prostitute and thought it was a good marketing idea to do that. It worked because she went up to the room with one of the guys and they didn’t come back for the rest of the night.
~Heather 2005 line
Date: May 11, 2010 @ 9:43am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Nudity
$2,000 in chips at an empty spot I was dealing blackjack and it was the start of the shift; I tapped out the day shift dealer and she points to an empty chair with 4 stacks of green chips ($2,000) and said, "The player went to the bathroom, and he’ll be right back.” She clapped out and left for the day and I started dealing. 5 minutes later this guy walks straight to the seat, sits down and starts playing $50 per hand. Ok, I’m thinking, this must be the guy. For 5 minutes we are playing and he is actually doing quite well when another guy (guy #2) walks up to the table and starts screaming, “Security! Security! He is stealing my money!” The floorman Kyle rushes over and makes guy #1 stop playing. Kyle then called the cameras and find’s out that it is guy #2’s money. Well, since guy #1 was winning the Kyle decided to let guy #2 keep the winnings and he let guy #1 go with a warning. Guy #1 got up and walked over to the very next table where there was an empty spot with money and he sat down and started playing with that money. Kyle was so pissed he rushed over there and started yelling at guy #1. “What are you doing? You just got in trouble over there and now you are doing it again at the next table and you expect me not to notice?” It turned out that guy #1 was completely wasted and he left his chips, went to the bathroom, and when he came out of the bathroom he forgot where he was sitting. So he was wandering around the casino, looking for an empty spot with money thinking it was his. We had to have security walk him around the casino looking for a dealer who recognized him. When he found his seat, security told me later that he had $50 total at his seat. Imagine being so drunk you think your $50 in red chips turned into $2,000 in green chips.
~Heather 2005 line
Date: May 10, 2010 @ 11:16am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Drunks
bathrooms I was dealing one night I had a player on my blackjack table bouncing up and down in his seat. Finally I said, “What’s up, why are you bouncing around like that?” He replied, “I got to go to the bathroom!” “Ok… It’s over there… Go…” “No, I can’t, I’m winning too much money, I can’t leave now.” I looked down at the shoe and we were almost done, so I didn’t say anymore. About 10 minutes later, I start shuffling the shoe and he doesn’t get up. In fact he is quite still. “Why don’t you run to the bathroom while I’m shuffling,” I said. And with a satisfied smile on his face he said, “Nope, I already went.” At the same time, the people at the table looked on the floor and there was a wet spot under his chair. Every person at the table got up and left. Of course my floorman Ed noticed this, comes over and said, “What happened?” "Ask him," I said as I nodded at the only remaining guy at the table. Ed called security and they 86ed the guy immediately. We had to close the table; so while we were waiting for maintenance to come and clean up the mess the cocktail waitress came by and asked, “Who spilled the drink?” She looked like she was getting ready to wipe up the chair. “No, don’t touch it, it’s not a drink!” That surprised her. It surprised her more after I told her what happened.
~Tom 2007 line
Date: May 9, 2010 @ 6:56am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Bodily Fluids
3 card straight flush I was dealing 3 Card Poker when a kid who looked no more than 16 comes up to the table wanting to play. I ask for his I.D. and he just turned 21 the day before. He sits down and acts like he knows how to play the game. Well he starts folding hand after hand after hand. Folding happens in 3 Card Poker but never that much folding. So the next hand he folded I asked him if I could look at it. “Yea, sure, it’s crap. No pair.” I flip over the cards and it’s a straight flush, the highest hand you can get. I am so startled. “Why are you throwing away a straight flush?” I asked. He looks unsure, “Well it’s not a pair. I need a pair to win on Pairs Plus.” Luckily I hadn’t taken the money yet, so I gave him back his cards and made him play it. He won $400 and left immediately after that hand. He was bright red when he left.
~Heather 2004 line
Date: May 8, 2010 @ 9:11am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Embarrassing, Winning
$5 blackjack I was dealing blackjack and I had an old 80 year old woman playing on my 6-deck-shoe on 3rd base. She was betting $5 per hand when she got a blackjack. The payout is $7.50. Then she got a 2nd, and then a 3rd blackjack. The people at the table were telling her to raise her bet and she replied, “No, it won’t happen again.” Then she got a 4th blackjack. Then a 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th blackjack. 8 blackjacks in a row, the most I have ever seen, and she played $5 for each hand.
~Heather 2004 line
Date: May 7, 2010 @ 7:52am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Winning
roulette wheel In the gaming business, when you are first starting out dealing, you learn either blackjack or craps; then you get hired into a break-in house and then you learn other games from there. On the dealer’s break the dealer can go to a live game or a dead game and practice. When I was learning how to deal roulette, I went to a dead game to practice spinning the ball. There was a 40 year old dealer at the game who loved to show-off (in a good way). He asked me to pick a number, so I picked 16. He picked up the ball, waited and then spun… and 16 hit. I blinked a couple times and then I said, “Do that again… 31”. So, for a second time, he spun the ball and it landed on 31. I think my jaw hit the floor. The floorman John, who had been, watching came over and said, “There is no way you can do that again, the odds of you hitting this next number is so low I’ll bet you $20 you can’t hit 24.” So the dealer spun the ball and amazingly hit 24. When John lost his $20 his face quenched up so tight and his fist clenched and he stormed off. We laughed and then the dealer told me that he would do this when a player came to his table. He would hit their number once or twice to see if they would tip. If they tipped he would keep hitting their number and if they didn’t tip he would hit a different number so they would lose. Unfortunately, he is working as a floorman at a strip casino right now; otherwise I would be on his table playing instead of writing this.
~Heather 2004 line
Date: May 6, 2010 @ 10:09am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Dealers
Player is splitting 10's at $1,000 each I was dealing blackjack and this drunk guy walks in and sits down at my table with $20. He does everything wrong. He splits 10's, he stayed on a 5 when the dealer had a 10 up card, and he hit when he had a 17 (and he got a 4). It was amazing because he was winning almost every hand. He stayed at the table for 8 hours and finally left with $17,000. He was drunk the entire time.

Everybody thought he was cheating. He had 2 floormen, 1 casino manager, a security guard and all of the camera's watching him, but they couldn't find him cheating. So the floormen did everything they could to break up the winning streak; they let him continue drinking (even though, by law, they were suppose to cut him off because he was so drunk he could barely sit up.) The floormen thought that if he was wasted then that would cause him to make mistakes and lose. When that didn't work they switched the cards in the shoe. Now, a casino will never switch a six-deck shoe in the middle of the shift unless someone spills a drink on the cards. The reason why is because 1) there is only one person touching the cards so the cards will have less chance of getting marked and 2) it takes too long to switch 6 decks on a live game, it costs the casino money. So after they switched the cards, he was still getting win after win. The floormen were desperate so they tried switching dealers, putting their hot dealers on the table. Nothing worked, this guy was so lucky. His table was full of angry people who were trying to get him to play the correct way; they would tell him to do one thing and he would think about it and then do the opposite and win. The rest of the table played by the book and lost, so everyone was pissed at this guy.

At one point, he was up to $25,000 when he started losing; he probably would have lost it all if the next event didn't happen. By this time he had tipped the dealers about $5,000 total; so he is losing and he calls over the floorman, Patrick, and tells him that the $5,000 he gave the dealers is his money and he would like it back. Patrick said, "It doesn't work like that, once you give the dealer a tip you can't get it back." The drunk was so angry that he fought with Patrick for 20 minutes over the tip. Finally Patrick yelled, "You started with $20, you now have $20,000 and you are arguing with me about getting the dealer's tip back! You're a greedy bastard." The drunk played 2 more hands, lost and then took his $17,000 and left, all the while bitching and making threats to the people around him. The dealers talked about this for weeks afterwards. We were all laughing because we said that 'this guy was so drunk that when he woke up the next morning and found all of that cash he probably thought he robbed a bank.
~Heather 2004 line
Date: May 5, 2010 @ 8:19am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Drunks, Winning
$100 chip on the 1st dozen on a roulette table I was dealing roulette and I had one player at the time; he was middle-aged and looked like he came from a Middle Eastern country. He had $2,000 worth of chips in front of him and was doing well. Another guy in a wheelchair comes up to the table and changes $100 for one black chip. He put the chip on the first dozen, I spun the ball and I turned to the other side of the table to finish mucking my chips. When I turned back the black chip was gone. So I looked at the guy in the wheelchair and asked, "What happened, you decide not to make the bet?" He looked down at the table and asked, "No, where did my chip go?" By this time the ball was dropping, so I called over my floorman, David and waved the table off. A 5 hit and the guy in the wheelchair would have won. We stopped the game and David called the eye-in-the-sky. They told him that the guy with the $2,000 stole the $100 from the guy in the wheelchair. So David went up to the Middle Eastern man and asked for the money back. The guy acted like he had no clue what David was talking about. He denied doing anything.

So David called my shift supervisor and my shift supervisor looked at the tapes and came down to the table and started yelling at the Middle Eastern guy. "I watched you on the camera's!" my supervisor screamed as he pointed to the camera's. The player kept denying that he did anything. Finally the Middle Eastern guy got frustrated and asked to be colored up so he could leave. I colored him up and David told me to take the $100 out of the pile. I did, I put the black chip on the wheel, and we gave him the rest of his money back and told him that he could go. He looked dumbfounded, "You're not going to arrest me?" "No," David said,"we got the $100 back from you so you can do as you please. So he sat back down and asked to be given roulette chips again. Meanwhile, I gave the guy in the wheelchair his $300 that we owed him. He was happy because he won $200 and he was late for the bus, the Middle Eastern guy was happy because nothing happened to him and the casino was happy because they were able to still make money off the Middle Eastern guy. I feel like I was the only one who thought he should be arrested.
~Heather 2004 line
Date: May 4, 2010 @ 10:14am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Mean People
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