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Las Vegas Stories - Archives: June 2010
When tourists come to a casino, I don’t think they realize how dirty everything is. As a dealer you watch people do all sorts of nasty things during the day. I have seen people pick their nose and wipe the snot on the cards; I have seen men stick their hands down their pants to scratch and then they continue shuffling their chips like some big hot shot. I have seen urine and crap at the tables, and I have watched a prostitute and her John have sex at a slot machine during the graveyard shift. I have gone into public bathrooms and watched both customers and dealers alike walk out without washing their hands. The chips and the cards are never washed. The only time the chips are washed is when a drunk guy spills alcohol in the rack and we have to close the table and clean everything. One time, when that happened, I had started off with a completely white towel and by the time I was done cleaning the rack the towel was as black as coal. So my message to you is: always wash your hands and never touch your face or eyes when you’re in Las Vegas.
~Heather 2005 line
Date: June 19, 2010 @ 5:07am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Bodily Fluids
high stack of roulette chips I was dealing roulette and I had a really nice drunk guy and his girlfriend at my table. They had been playing for about 2 hours and it was just the guy playing while she watched. He would bet $5 on one spin and then sit out the next 5 spins, he played very sporadically. He had been losing and was down to 23 chips ($23) when he took his entire stack and put it straight up on 11. So I spun the ball and waited… and waited… and then I waved off the table saying, “No more bets”. Right when I did that he freaked out and yelled, “Wait! Stop! I changed my mind!” and he started to grab his chips. The chips he didn’t manage to grab were knocked off the table. “No, you can’t do that! The ball has already dropped.” I yelled. He dropped the chips that were in his hand and they splashed in front of him. He started to panic and said frantically, “You didn’t wave it off; I can still change my bet. You didn’t wave it off.” I looked over and saw that the ball had hit 11. He had won the bet, so I turned to him and told him that he won and his expression changed from that of anxiety to disbelief. “You waved it off! You waved it off!” he screamed with his eyes open wide. I called over the floorman, Jeff and told him what happened and he ran to the phone and called the eye-in-the-sky. We waited 5 minutes while they reviewed the tapes and then Jeff came back and without a word straightened up the chips. The chips the man took off were not counted and the chips that were still on number 11 were counted. He ended up getting paid for 16 chips straight up which is $560. If he had left up his original bet he would have made $805. This guy was so happy that we paid him that afterwards he tipped me $50. He immediately left with the money and a huge grin on his face.
~Heather 2008 line
Date: June 18, 2010 @ 7:28am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Mistakes, Winning
horse racing in the sports book area This happened in the early 90’s; I went to a sports book area to bet on a football game and when I was standing in line I noticed this old 96 year old in the back with a pad of paper watching the screens intently. After I placed my bet I walked over and sat down next to him. I watched him play and he was winning every horse race. “How are you doing that?” I asked. He pointed at the television set and said, “They play the horse races on a loop. I’ve written down who has won what race and then when the loop starts over I bet on who is going to win. It takes many hours but it’s worth it.” So we sat there for an hour or two and he would tell me what horses to bet on. We made a good deal of money. Unfortunately the casino got wise and sent down 2 security guards to 86 the man for cheating. Luckily they left me alone because they thought I was just an innocent bystander. The casinos change that policy shortly afterwards so that the horse races and everything else is live and nothing is on a loop.
~Anonymous 1991 line
Date: June 17, 2010 @ 11:13am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Cheating, Winning
New York New York Hotel and Casino I was dealing roulette and I had a young couple at my table. We were talking and having a good time when we eventually got on the topic of music and dancing. (I think I asked about going to a night club or something). She told me she was sad because she loved to dance but she couldn’t anymore. “Why?” I asked. “Because, when I was visiting here last July, I stayed at the New York, New York. I was heading up the escalator when this guy on the second floor started shooting at random. He went through 2 clips and everyone was running away. I started to run too but I tripped and fell. When I tried to get back up I couldn’t walk. I looked down and saw that I had gotten shot in the leg. I didn’t feel it... A young child got shot too and it was an off duty police officer that took the shooter down. He held on to the shooter until the police arrived.” Wow, I couldn’t imagine going through something like that. I asked her why she was back in Las Vegas so soon and she said, “Well, they’re holding a trial for the guy and I’m back to testify against him as a witness.” She also told me that she was suing the guy to pay for all of her medical bills. “I hope it works out for you” I said.

If you want to know more about this story you can read the Las Vegas Sun article, Channel 8 News, or this website.
~Heather 2007 line
Date: June 16, 2010 @ 2:10am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Unexpected
a small bag filled with ash on a blackjack table I am dealing double deck blackjack on a normal boring night when I had this guy in his late 20’s sit down. He was a nice looking guy, even though he was only wearing jeans and a shirt. He exchanged his money for chips and then he took out a small dime bag full of dirt. He set the dirt down on the table next to his chips and then started to play. “Um… Excuse me.” I said, “You can’t have dirt on the table.” He looked surprised and then laughed, “That’s not dirt!” he cried, “That’s my father!” “What?!?” I was so surprised. “Yea, my father just passed away and he had always wanted to come to Las Vegas, so we took some of the insurance money and part of his ashes and brought him to Las Vegas.” He told me that there were 3 kids and they had put his ashes into 3 separate bags. They had a list of everything their dad had wanted to do in Las Vegas and then they split up and each of them completed different things on that list. This guy said, “Before the trip is over we are going to spread his ashes at the Bellagio fountain.” “Oh. Well, if anyone asks just tell them it’s dirt because I don’t think the casino would allow you to do that if they knew.” After that experience all I can say is… wow!
~Heather 2005 line
Date: June 15, 2010 @ 10:49am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Unexpected
$25 bet with $2,000 in green chips sitting on the apron I was dealing double deck blackjack on a $25 minimum table and I had this woman who had been playing there for most of the night. She finally lost $300 and left; 30 minutes later she walked back to the table and started to dig through her purse, “I’m supposed to meet my friend at the bar but she called and said she was going to be late. I think I might have an extra chip or two in here,” She found only one $25 chip and started playing. This time the cards were nothing like they were before. Before she would win 1 out of every 10 hands but this time she was winning almost every hand. It was such a radical turn around. When her friend finally showed up 45 minutes later this woman had made $2,000. It was a good thing her friend was late.
~Heather 2007 line
Date: June 14, 2010 @ 12:29am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Winning
Let It Ride sign One of the biggest house games in the casino is Let It Ride because it has bad odds for the player. I dealt that game for 5 years and I rarely saw people win. Players need a pair of 10’s or better to win any money; there are 3 spots in which you put your money down and only one of the spots is mandatory. The player gets 3 cards and then decides if he wants to keep his bet out there (let it ride) or he can pull his bet back and those chips will no longer be in play. After he decides, the dealer flips over 1 of her 2 cards and then the process is repeated until all 5 cards are showing. The player is trying to make the best 5 card poker hand.

I was dealing Let It Ride and I had this young man with short brown hair sit down with $100. It was a $10 minimum game and that’s what he played, $10 on each spot. The very first hand he got was a pair of 10’s, which means he had an automatic winner. So he tucked his cards and I flipped over my first card and it was a 10. Now he had a 3 of a kind. Of course he stayed, so I flipped over my 2nd card and it was another 10. He got a four of a kind! That pays 50:1, so he got a total of $1,500 on his first hand. Now, since he won so much money, he started playing $50 per hand and he put a $50 tip out there for me as well (so if he wins I win). His next hand he got a pair of 5’s and a Q. He pulled back his bet so now he only had 2 bets out. I flipped over a Q and he got 2 pair. He tucked his cards and I flip over my last card and it is a 5. He got a full house and this was only his 2nd hand! A full house pays 11:1 so he got paid a total of $ 1,100 and I got a $550 tip! That is a huge tip! Unfortunately my supervisor thought so as well.

My floorman, Ben came over and got upset that I was tipped so much money. Ben told me that there was a cap on how much I could get tipped. See the casino thinks that when a player wins $1,000 that money isn’t gone yet because he could play a different game tomorrow and lose it all back, but when the money is tipped to the dealer it’s not coming back and the casino considers it an automatic loss. So the casino put a cap on how much a dealer can be tipped, for example on a blackjack table the player can’t bet more money for the dealer then what he is playing. (So if a player bets $10 he can’t tip the dealer $20).

Ben called the shift supervisor over and the $550 tip was definitely over the cap. Well this player yelled and screamed and argued because he wanted me to keep the entire amount. He even threatened to take his business elsewhere. The shift supervisor checked the player’s history and saw that he was a regular that always lost a lot of money. So they let it go and I got to keep my tip (but they gave me a huge scolding afterwards). Well this wonderful man who stood up for me got a straight, a flush and 2 two pairs after that. He won almost every single hand and finally walked away with $5,000. He tipped me $50 to $100 per hand. It was a great day.
~Heather 2007 line
Date: June 13, 2010 @ 2:39pm PST     Comments     Filed Under: Tipping, Winning
taxi cab I was working as a dealer on swing shift and I used to get off of work at 6 am. I had a really old crappy car and it kept breaking down on me; so my boyfriend would take me to work and pick me up. One night he forgot to set his alarm clock and never picked me up, so I needed to take a taxi. I looked normal when I approached the taxi because I had changed my work shirt while waiting for my boyfriend. I got into the cab and told him the cross streets. That cheating asshole started driving in the opposite direction. “Where are you going?” I asked, “We have to get to Tropicana and Rainbow.” “Oh, you know your way around,” the cab driver said sounding surprised, “You’re not a tourist?” That pissed me off, “No I’m not a damn tourist. I’m a native! Now go the right way and you better not charge me extra for this!” I watched that meter so closely. When we got to the cross streets I gave him exact change; and that is rare because I tip everyone.
~Heather 2006 line
Date: June 12, 2010 @ 7:19am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Cheating
each player tips $5 I was dealing on a 6-deck blackjack table and I was having a great night. I had a full table of awesome people and we were laughing and talking and having a blast. Well dealers get a 20 minute break every hour. So my hour was up and the relief dealer came by to tap me out. I started to leave but one of the guys at the table said, “Ah, you don’t have to go do you? Stay a little longer.” “I’ll be back in 20 minutes,” I replied. “But what if we each gave you $5 to stay?” The table was full so we had 6 players at the table; that was $30 extra to stay at the table 20 minutes longer. “Well, if everyone at the table is willing to do that then I’ll stay.” I was seriously expecting no one to speak up and then I could go on my way, but the whole table agreed to do it. I was astonished. I looked at my relief and said, “Looks like I’m staying. Wanna get me on the next break?” My relief dealer looked surprise, “You’re kidding, right? You’re going to skip your break?” He had this look on his face that clearly said “I think you’re crazy.” I refused to go on break and I took the $30 and stayed for 20 extra minutes. That was the biggest compliment I think I’ve received on the table.
~Heather 2008 line
Date: June 11, 2010 @ 8:17am PST     Comments     Filed Under: Dealers, Tipping
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